At Titan, Eric looks longingly at Nicole
Credit: Peacock screenshot

A November to remember in Salem.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of November 7 – 11, Anna and Tony return home to a surprise. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Ava convinced Xander to help her with her revenge plot against EJ by targeting his weak spot, his mother Susan. In a preview of what is to come, Anna and Tony return home to find Xander dragging off an unconscious Susan, who he had just chloroformed. How will he explain this one?

Alex finds Sonny, Leo and Stephanie together, and announces he came for Stephanie. Given Chad is also interested in Stephanie, and she has been very vocal about how she feels about Alex’s misogynistic ways, why exactly does she have a smile on her face?

Stefan tells Chloe he wants to make her forget about Brady, and they passionately kiss. But could Stefan also be trying to make himself forget about Gabi?

After an intense photo shoot together, Nicole is finding it hard to fight her feelings any longer. Nicole cries to Eric that she still loves him, and as they kiss, Jada happens to walk in and see them together!

At the Brady Pub, Jada collapses in front of Rafe and he catches her. Rafe calls Eric and tells him that he’s at the hospital with Jada and he should get down there. Is Jada seriously ill? Faking it to break come between Eric and Nicole? Or could she be… pregnant!

Finally, at the big election celebration, Shawn arrests Chanel for suspicion of murder!

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube