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Things may be about to go very, very wrong.

Susan’s in trouble on Days of Our Lives. That’s not a surprise for anyone, right? But even Xander and Ava may not realize just how bad it could get, because signs are starting to point to something going very, very wrong.

Now, we’re not saying Xander and Ava would intentionally kill Susan — though Ava’s sanity might be tenuous at best at the moment and neither of them are exactly averse to murder. But things can go wrong real fast and where Xander’s involved, well, they seem to have a tendency to.

And between spoilers indicating how terrified Susan is next week and how guilty Xander’s feeling and that fall preview that shows what looks like an awfully violent car crash with Susan, Ava and EJ, it seems like we’re headed straight for tragedy.

If Ava thought EJ was ticked at her before, she hasn’t seen anything yet. Hell hath no fury like a DiMera whose mother you just killed. Or, at the very least, whose death you were responsible for.

This time, she would go underground, and if Xander was smart (which he insists he is), he’d go with her. You know what happens when two people are thrown together in high pressure situations, right? Especially with the history these two have. It’s not like either of them have been exactly successful in love.

In the DiMera mansion, EJ stands, with his hands cupped around Susan's face. Days of Our Lives

Ava’s obsession with Steve wasn’t exactly the thing grand romances were made of and her relationship with Rafe, well, we know that stung. She and Johnny bonded the last time she was seeing dead people and both were upset with EJ, so if Xander’s in front of her this time… Well, let’s just say that if Ava has a hand in Susan’s death, even Johnny might have a hard time feeling sympathetic towards her.

As for Xander, sure, he’s married now, but Sarah finding out he’s involved in this debacle would likely be a deal-breaker and Xander does have a history of sleeping with, well, just about everyone when she’s not around! Nicole, Chanel, Gwen… Ava?

We’ve all been waiting for Gwen to swoop in and ruin things or Johnny and Ava to get together, but we may have just missed the pairing that makes the most sense. Two troublemakers with violent pasts who’ve tried to make good and tried to move on with genuinely good people, only for things to go wrong over and over again.

Could there be a more perfect match? Somehow, we feel like Paul Telfer would be all in, since his feelings seem to be that if Xander is “breaking bad again, at least he’d doing it with the incredible Tamara Braun!”

The fans, though, may not feel quite the same about Xander and Ava. And whether they’d survive the relationship or not is another matter… But it should be a wild, probably infuriating ride — especially if they start it off by killing poor Susan!

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