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We don’t have a good feeling about this.

It’s a bit tough to say right now, but with a war brewing, we aren’t entire sure who might soon be in worse trouble on Days of Our Lives: EJ or Ava! We all know that Ava didn’t actually skip town like EJ demanded. Instead, she’s just gone underground to plot his downfall as she seeks out allies.

Gwen was a bust, but that hasn’t left Ava without other choices. Unfortunately, Gwen might have been one of the few stable options out there! And that’s got us saying, “Yikes!”

On Monday, spoilers hint at Ava having something of a confrontation with her unbalanced son, Charlie, who “reappeared” at the very end of Friday’s show. This wouldn’t be so bad… if it wasn’t for the fact that he was dead! And then there’s the November sweeps preview promising her teaming up with a surprising partner — with possibly deadly consequences!

Now that partner could be Xander seeing as how we all know he’s capable of ruthless violence, but he’s not exactly a surprise, is he?

What if all of EJ’s insistence that Ava was losing her mind turns out to be true after all? Sure, most of her Jake encounters were actually Stefan, but she did have a couple pretty realistic visions of her dead would-be husband. And now she’s going to encounter a dead Charlie? Unless we’re getting a return of the devil (dear God, please no) that seems a lot more like another one of her “visions.”

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And that could be very, very bad news for EJ. Ava’s dangerous enough on her own. If she’s also delusional and teaming up with Xander, who’s desperate to make money and a hallucination of her rapist son, Charlie, there’s no telling what she might be capable of.

That’s got us worried for Ava, just as we were starting to grow sympathetic towards her. But it’s also got us worried for EJ. Her idea of rational revenge was framing Rafe and trying to destroy his career and his life. If we’re into irrational territory here, she may be coming for EJ’s life in a far more literal sense. And even if she doesn’t take him out, the rest of the DiMera family could end up as collateral damage.

We could just see Johnny trying to swoop in and save Ava from herself, only for her to turn on him, egged on by the vision of her dead son telling her to hurt EJ by taking his own son.

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Or what about Stefan, who’s the spitting image of her beloved Jake? How is it fair that he’s alive but Jake isn’t? Take him out and she’d take away one of EJ’s allies and one of his family members, while setting things “right” in some bizarre way for him essentially taking Jake’s place.

Rational Ava, of course, could be vicious and cruel, but she would never do anything like this. But if she actually is about to lose her mind, then all bets are off. And this Halloween might just be the start of a spooky season that could destroy countless lives.

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