AS THE WORLD TURNS, from left: Martha Byrne, Jon Hensley, lily holden atwt getty
Credit: CBS/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

We are so in for this idea! 

There are few things, we’re pretty sure, quite as comforting as watching old clips of our favorite characters on our favorite soaps. And that goes double for the shows that are no longer on. And sadly, in the daytime world, there are a lot of those — including CBS’ beloved As the World Turns.

So when a fan put together some of her “favorite Lily and Holden scenes” and shared them with Martha Byrne, it was so heartening to see the actress immediately share them on Twitter for all her fans.

“We were a good couple,” she noted. “I’m sure if we were together again, that connection would still remain.”

The clips below are well worth a trip down Memory Lane — but they may not be the end of Lily and Holden’s story!


What if, by some miracle we never saw coming, this wasn’t our only Holden and Lily fix left for us? What if there was room for them on our televisions once more? When a fan responded that they were sure the chemistry between Byrne and Jon Hensley was still there, the actress responded with an incredible idea.

Days of Our Lives should have us do a cameo,” she suggested. “I think people would tune in.”

That may just be the understatement of the year. We’re sure people would tune in! Byrne isn’t the only one who loves “when soaps do fun things like that.”

But why stop with a cameo? Surely there’d be room for, if not a permanent stay, an extended one? And why shouldn’t they be playing Lily and Holden? If Byrne and Hensley were showing up, they should go all in! As the World Turns is gone and Days of Our Lives is on Peacock, instead of NBC now, so we feel like the rules of crossovers should be rewritten at this point.

But on top of that, this visit wouldn’t be as crazy as you might think. After all, As the World Turns did, once, have a tie with another NBC soap: Another World. It started off as and As the World Turns spinoff that got picked up by NBC, instead of CBS. After that sudser was cancelled, a few of its characters moved to Oakdale. So why can’t Holden and Lily visit Salem?

Days of Our Lives, please get on this as you forge a brave new future online! If you did, we would love you forever!

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