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Well, we know who the actress takes after!

October may be Spooky Month for many, but for a huge chunk of the population, it actually means a lot more than just Halloween and horror movies. You see, it’s also Hispanic Heritage Month, so naturally Days of Our Lives turned to one of its own to celebrate — and she brought along a very special guest to help her!

Camila Banus and her mom Carmen sat down to share some flan, a few pastelitos and talk about their own heritage and family ties. Plus, we got a little insight into how much Gabi and Banus have in common!

First off, though, we need to get one very important thing out of the way: Don’t buy into stereotypes. Banus’ mom, for instance, admits that she’s just not a very good dancer. Doing the Salsa? Meh.

Then again…

“I would say, especially on Days, I’m probably the loudest person there,” Banus admitted. “So I fit that stereotype in life — but that just is a coincidence!”

Well, we know Gabi is never afraid to speak up and speak her mind, so that’s one thing the actress and her character have in common! Another is the drive to “leave a bad situation and make a better life for yourself.” For Banus, though, that translates into hard, but fulfilling work, while for Gabi, that more often than not seems to end up scheming her way to the top of the heap.

Is one necessarily better than the other? Well, it’s led the actress to land a daytime role for the past 12 years, while Gabi’s gotten her CEO position for… a few months? OK, yeah, hard work might be a bit better than clever plotting. Unless Stefan comes to his senses in time, it looks like Gabi’s position at DiMera is just about to be yanked out from under her by EJ!

In one particularly adorable moment, Banus’ mom serenades us with a song, “Veinte Años” that reminds her of home. It’s a very famous love song, performed by countless musicians.

“My people know it,” she explained.

Banus’ response? A blank look.

“No, it doesn’t ring a bell right now.”

Fair enough!

Ultimately, Banus says, she couldn’t be happier to bring a part of her Hispanic heritage to Days of Our Lives.

“It just means that people that come from any kind of situation can make their dreams come true,” she explains. “Anytime I can, I try to put in a small word in Spanish into a scene or incorporate something. It’s important to me to represent.”

Check out the full video below! Mother and daughter are downright adorable together.

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