BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 10: James Lastovic attends the 13th Annual Burbank International Film Festival screening of "This Games Called Murder" at AMC Burbank 16 on September 10, 2021 in Burbank, California. joey days getty
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It looks like everything may turn out alright after all.

Many of those in the daytime world have been holding our collective breaths since learning that Days of Our Lives alum James Lastovic, who played Kayla and Steve’s son Joey off and on until 2020 was missing in Hawaii. His mother, Lucienne Lastovic, shared on social media that he’d last been seen in Hawaii while on vacation with his roommate, Nevin Dizdari, on Sunday, October 9th.

It seems that police had been notified, but the young actor’s understandably panicked mom took to Instagram to share the news in the hopes that someone who might have information would see it, or, if not, pass it along to others who can help.

“These 2 young adults stayed over at the Hanalei Bay Resort this past Friday Oct 7, Saturday Oct 8 and yesterday, Sunday Oct 9,” she shared. “They were due to fly back today but never made their flight nor returned their rental car. This is not like them! They are both conscientious kids.”

The two were last heard from “Sunday October 9th at 1:30 pm Hawaii time when they texted their hostess, Carrie Flanders at the Hanalei Bay Resort. The last they were seen was by Carrie Flanders yesterday at 8 am.”

“If you know anyone in Kauai,” she added, “please pass this along.

Worried friends and fans passed along the information, with folks from Days of Our Lives like headwriter Ron Carlivati chipping in as well.

Now, it looks like the story may have a happy ending. As reported by TMZ, Dizdari’s sister posted an Instagram story with an update, writing, “My sister and James are okay. They got lost on their hike but made it back to their car and are on their way back to [the] resort now. Thank you, everyone, for reposting and helping us reach Nevin.”


The following day, Lastovic’s mother shared another update, thanking everyone for all the support and helping to spreading the word.

“I can’t tell you what a nightmare this has been for a mother not knowing whether or not her child is alive,” she continued, “but both Nevin’s mother and I are doing well. The kids are exhausted, dehydrated and scraped up, but after a good nights rest and an island pizza I think the world will seem right side up again.”

Getting lost in the wilderness is no laughing matter, so we can all be thankful that this tale had the happy ending it did. Our thoughts are with both families as they reunite and hopefully breathe a little easier now.