Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

“I love you forever and always to the moon and stars and back again.”

Poor Kate. She’s just barely holding on these days while Kristen holds the one flower that could cure her hostage. It’s a rough time on Days of Our Lives, but at least it brought Rex back to town to be there for his mother! So we’d say she’s in good hands. So long as those hands are able to cure her in time…

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In real life, though, Lauren Koslow is going through a bit of a separation from her own kid — but it’s for a great reason. Having just been married, daughter Milli Kate is off in Italy on her honeymoon, which also happens to be during her birthday!

Now that is some great timing!

The intensely private Koslow gave us a rare peek into her family, sharing pics of the wedding, of her daughter off in Italy, playing with a few adorable pups and, in the last slide, side-by-side with her mom! And we’ll just say that there’s a reason a few fans commented on the actress’ “mini-me.” Like mother, like daughter, we guess!

“Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter,” Koslow wrote, “honeymooning with her darling groom somewhere on the Amalfi coast. What a magical time.”

Thaao Penghlis (Tony), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Kristian Alfonso (ex-Hope) all chimed in with their own birthday wishes and congratulations, for the happy new bride as she celebrated in Modica, Sicily.

We’ll add our own congratulations and happy birthday on what we’re sure is an utterly unforgettable occasion!

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