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It may be fall, but October is turning up the heat in Salem.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of October 10 -14, Chanel’s past mistake comes back to haunt her. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Gabi gets up in Stefan’s face, literally as she presses herself against him, and points out that his heart is pounding. Is this a sign that Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing wasn’t as effective as he and Kristen had hoped?

Li Shin’s little sister Wendy comes to town, knocks on the DiMera mansion door, and Johnny answers and wonders who in the hell she is. She introduces herself and asks Johnny, “Who the hell are you?” Has Johnny just met his next love interest?

Chad and Stephanie prepare to take their kiss to the next level, as Brady and Chloe also hit the sheets.

You can’t run from your past, and Chanel is about to find that out. Chanel gets intimate with Alex, wait that has to be a fantasy… right? Okay but in bigger news, Paulina tells her campaign manager Stephanie that someone knows something about Chanel. Sloane is shown handing a file to Paulina, as Chanel later cries out, “It was a stupid mistake I made in college!”

Roman proposes to Kate to try and give her the will to fight, as Eric and Rex look on and smile. Meanwhile, as Marlena struggles to hold onto life, Brady confronts Kristen about the fact that Marlena is dying and if she gives him the orchid then he’ll give her whatever she wants. Well, we know what the answer to that question is, but will Brady be prepared to sign his life and Rachel’s away?

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