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One way or another, it’s inevitable.

Few things get fans quite fired up like favorite couples splitting, and while Abigail’s murder on Days of Our Lives put an end to her and Chad, in a way, it didn’t quite end “Chabby.” It’s been clear in all the months since her tragic death that Chad loves her as much now as he did when she was alive.

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But if he moves on… well, that will be the end of “Chabby.” And when Days of Our Lives teased Chad sharing a kiss with Stephanie, well, the fans did not take kindly to the fact that he was ditching Abigail so soon after her death!

Eventually, headwriter Ron Carlivati stepped in to set things straight and tweet, “Who says he’s moving on?” And he has a point.

As some fans pointed out, Chad’s probably a roil of emotions right now, and a single kiss with a friend could just be him working through the confusion and grief of what he’s feeling. Teasers are designed to titillate, and the context isn’t always what it seems. So him locking lips with Stephanie does not mean they’re going to jump into anything, or even that Chad truly wants to.

But maybe Chad should move on. Maybe not just yet, but do we really need him to mourn for the next year? But the fact that Chad’s not moving on just yet, doesn’t mean there’s no future for him and Stephanie.

There’s a sweetness between her and Chad that’s built on friendship and mutual respect. It would make sense that, even if he wasn’t ready for anything just yet, Stephanie might start developing feelings for him before Alex.

But Chad could still be emotionally cut off, and that’s when Steph realizes that she has to turn away and find a distraction before her heart’s broken — and finally start seeing Alex in a different light.

Well, so long as he continues to behave himself.

Robert Scott Wilson himself, in a recent issue of Soap Opera Digest talked a bit about Alex and Stephanie, saying, “I have a feeling they’ll be pushing in that direction, although, of course, there are going to be a lot of trials and tribulations, triangles and this and that.”

Knowing Alex, it’s not hard to imagine that any triangle that pops up will be his doing. After all, as Wilson added, “this is Salem. You could end up with five different women in the same month. Who knows?”

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Chad stepping into this already volatile mix could really set things off!

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But why couldn’t Stephanie be the one torn between two loves? The greatest triangles are built on forbidden desire and misplaced timing. It’s folks falling for each other at different times, failing to fully connect, only to realize too late what they missed out on. And then trying desperately to get it back at the most inappropriate of times.

So of course, just as Stephanie started something with Alex in earnest, that would be just about when Chad realized he was ready for something new. And, he’d realize, he’s just about let Stephanie slip through his fingers. Could he convince her to give him another chance before she moves on with Alex?

Even better? It would pit DiMera against Kiriakis and could reignite a family feud that’s fallen fairly dormant in recent years. Sure, Chad is one of the best of the best in the DiMera clan and Alex may be something of a cad, but he’s not in the murderous, illegal camp of the Kiriakis family. But if those two start butting heads, you can imagine the rest of the families wouldn’t be far behind.

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Except maybe Sonny. We could see him going over to the DiMera camp, rooting Chad over his own brother. And that would cause a whole other problem in the already fractious siblings’ relationship!

So yeah, even if today’s kiss was just a minor blip, don’t count Chad and Stephanie out just yet. And don’t underestimate the mess that could spill out of a triangle that seems all but destined.

And no, we aren’t talking angry “Chabby” fans!

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