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She really is the luckiest in love!

Gabi, we’re pretty sure, is going to be in for one rude awakening sooner or later when it comes to Days of Our Lives‘ Li. About the only uncertainty in their relationship is whether Gabi will learn that he’s been using and manipulating her before or after they’re married! Though who knows, now that Stefan took his stock options back, Li might decide his love mark isn’t worth the effort and move on to another plan.

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But that’s a problem for another day. On this one, we’re celebrating a happy occasion in Camila Banus’ real-life relationship, which is on far healthier ground than Gabi’s ever managed! Of course, the actress doesn’t have all that scheming and power grabbing to worry about in her actual marriage, and there are no in-laws or semi-mad doctors brainwashing hubby Marlon Aquino, so we figure that helps too. At least we assume there aren’t…

Either way, Sunday, October 2 was a time to celebrate because, as she posted on Instagram, “It’s my husband’s birthday!”

The kaleidoscope of photos in the video showed them out and about, living life in everything from fancy dress, to casual and everything in between. One thing is clear in every single one of them: the love shared between Banus and Aquino!

“Happy birthday, my love, Marlon Aquino,” she exclaimed. “The day mi amorcito bello was born, I am so blessed to have you in my life, I hope today is filled with love and happiness. Wish I could be next to you to celebrate you a lo maximo.” “Te amo Marlon Aquino con todo mi corazón,” she finished, declaring she loved him with all her heart and signing it, “Tu esposa” (Your wife)!

Will Gabi ever get this kind of legitimate happiness? Eh… we doubt it. Not unless she decides to step back from the DiMera world and leave them, the Shins and everyone who ever even thought of working at DiMera Enterprise alone. But hey, at least she’s going after her dreams.

Oh, and happy birthday to Aquino!

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