DAYS OF OUR LIVES: BEYOND SALEM -- "Dressed to Kill" Episode 104 -- Pictured: Greg Rikaart as Leo Stark
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“Network television is dying.”

Ever since that fateful announcement back in August that Days of Our Lives would be leaving NBC and moving exclusively to Peacock, the actors and show folks have been doing their best to drum up support for the transition.

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Naturally, right? Viewers need to follow the show if they want it to continue, and the fact that it wasn’t cancelled is a definite plus. In a recent interview with Michael Fairman on his YouTube channel, Billy Flynn (Chad), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Greg Rikaart (Leo) chatted a bit about the move, admitting that while they didn’t expect it so quickly, they figured it would happen at some point.

Flynn pointed out that ever since he joined the show years ago, there was always a question of whether it would continue or not. “I don’t care where the show lives, to be honest with you,” he admitted, so long as it’s able to continue and the folks on the show — not just actors, but everyone involved in it — get to keep working.

Rikaart, though, shared a completely new perspective with some inside scoop. He has a friend, he noted, who’s a lawyer at NBC Universal. That pal knew this was coming before the actors did, though he couldn’t say anything until the announcement. But Rikaart says he turned to his friend right away to ask, “‘Is this good news or bad news?”

At the police station, Chad glares at Leo

We’re all wondering where this new future is headed.

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His buddy replied that, “‘It’s good news,” adding that, “Network television is dying. It’s ultimately going to be all sports and news.’”

That’s why NBC replaced Days of Our Lives with their live news program. They’re just hurrying things along a bit.

“They could have cancelled the show,” Rikaart continued, “but I think they see the value of the show, as evidenced by Beyond Salem. It certainly beats the alternative of not being around.”

So, sure, it may be good news for Days of Our Lives, since we know it made the cut for now, but Rikaart pulls double duty as both Leo and The Young and the Restless’ Kevin. And that makes the prediction of network death even more worrying. There are still three soaps left on network television.

Will they all make the cut and jump online when the time comes, or will any of them fall by the wayside?

Or maybe, once network television is gone, there’ll be a new renaissance online and our soaps will not only be saved, we’ll also, for the first time in ages get new ones. It’s too early to tell, but we do know that it’s not all bad news.

At the hospital, Chad winces as Kayla bandages his hand

There’s a metaphor in here somewhere about pain followed by healing…

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Flynn made sure to add that, “they’re putting more money into [Days of Our Lives] than they had before. They made a large investment.”

“They’re excited about it,” Evans agreed, “which is nice!”

So, heck, if Peacock and the folks running the show are excited, then we might as well hop on too. As for what happens with the rest of network television and the other soaps still airing there, we’ll just have to take it one day at a time and always hope for the best.

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