Days of Our Lives Exclusive: Paul Telfer Grapples With Xander’s Mixed Feelings in the Wake of a ‘Very Rare’ Scene

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Brace yourselves, Days of Our Lives fans, because we’re getting the rarest of Salem beasts — a three-headed Xander sandwich! Actually, we’re not sure if that sounds delicious or horrifying. 

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Paul Telfer took to Twitter to tease a “very rare ‘Xarah’/Xander/’Xwen’ sandwich scene! Love it when I get to work with both these amazing actresses at the same time!”

The last time we got one of these scenes, a hallucinating Sarah pulled a knife on Gwen. Now she’s playing doctor to her nemesis after Jennifer’s little accident and we can’t blame Gwen for looking a little uneasy about the prospect! At least the hallucinations should be gone… We hope.

When Telfer spoke with a little while back he joked about the difficulties of Xander’s life between the two women and how much he relishes it all.

The actor admitted that, “selfishly, I really hope that, not necessarily the triangle, but the association of the two characters could continue. Maybe Sarah tortures Gwen a little bit, maybe Gwen tortures Sarah a little bit. And then, Xander’s always stuck in the middle, poor guy! Oh, what a terrible situation to be in!”

Telfer, of course, loves every moment with both actresses, noting how much fun gets worked into their scenes, even when it’s not necessarily on the page.

“With Lindsey [Godfrey], but also with Emily [O’Brien], it’s been comedy,” he shared. “They’re both such funny women and strong comedic actresses, it’s just been fun. They’ll both come up with ideas that aren’t necessarily in the scripts, just to add an element of, almost like, 1950s, 1960s screwball comedy. Or spoofy melodrama vibes to thing.”

As to who’s the better fit for Xander, well, both ladies have something to offer!

Sarah, “aspires him to want to be better,” Telfer notes. “And she, in fact, instructs him to be better. She tells him off. She corrects him.”

That, though, can sometimes get old for Sarah, as we just saw when she almost walked out on her brand-new husband, telling him he shouldn’t have to count on her being around to not do horrible things. She’s his wife, not his mom!

Gwen, on the other hand, “is way more like, ‘You and me, buddy, let’s go. If we could ever scratch together a couple of dollars and get to a tropical island, wouldn’t that be nice!’”

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Sadly, we don’t see a tropical island anywhere in Gwen’s future… But hey, a hospital room is almost as good, right? OK, maybe not. Either way, we’ll take as many scenes of the three of them together as we can get!

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