Credit: Peacock

All you need is love? 

It’s no secret that life in Salem can be downright traumatizing. Heck, just watching it can be enough to get the anxiety flowing! And we’re pretty sure that’s also true for the folks behind the scenes of Days of Our lives, like headwriter Ron Carlivati!

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Few folks can kick up emotions quite like soap opera writers. Daytime fans are, as well know, full of passion and not afraid to speak up if they feel a writer put the wrong couple together, split the wrong couple up, bring in the wrong villain, kill off the wrong — well, you get the point.

So we can understand if Carlivati could use a little pick-me-up from time to time. Luckily, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Hugs are the best!

And “Some days,” as Carlivati tweeted, “you just need a hug.”

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to get them from Deidre Hall herself, but we’re guessing after so many years of playing Salem’s top psychiatrist, Marlena’s portrayer has learned thing or two about supporting mental and emotional health. Therapy is all well and good, but sometimes all it takes is a hug to brighten someone’s day.

Even better? It’s what seems like one of the rare tweets these days that earned an outpouring of love, rather than hate. Hopefully those good feelings carry over to the screen soon and poor Marlena finally catches a bit of a break.

She’s certainly been through the ringer for the past year or so, from the Devil to Sami’s kidnapping and failed wedding, her friction with Belle and now Orpheus’ fatal poisoning. Or, at least what he claims to be fatal.

We most certainly aren’t counting Marlena, Kayla and Kate out just yet!

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