Chad holds Clyde at gunpoint Days
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One devastating loss could lead to a second.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of September 26 – 30, the motive for Abigail’s murder will come out. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week, Sonny remembered smelling vanilla before he was stabbed, and Nancy later revealed Clyde wears a vanilla scent. Sonny finally remembered it was Clyde who stabbed him, and Chad raced to confront the killer.

Coming up, in a flashback in her bedroom, Abigail told Clyde, who was wearing black gloves, to get his hands off her. Meanwhile, Justin informs a stunned Nancy that Clyde murdered Abigail, as she cries in disbelief.

In the cemetery, Chad holds a gun on Clyde and demands to know why he did it. The promo flashes back to Abigail slapping Clyde that night, the two of them fighting, and Abigail clearly ending up stabbed in the stomach.

Back in the cemetery, Chad screams “Why!” as Clyde gets the upper hand and begins strangling him.

Chad isn’t the only one having trouble dealing with Abigail’s death. Jennifer breaks down and has a vision of her dead daughter. Jenn tells her that she misses her every second of every day.

Later, Jack finds his wife’s bottle of painkillers and informs Julie of his discovery.

Unfortunately, Jack’s discovery may be too late. Jennifer gets behind the wheel of her car, it’s late at night, and she’s caught in the headlights of another car that is blaring its horn at her. From a previous preview, we know that Ava, EJ and Susan are also on the road that night, and one of their cars goes over a cliff and explodes! One of these people will likely meet their maker that night.

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