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But it’s also the last person her foes could want to see!

Well, that custody hearing on Days of Our Lives did not start out the way we thought it would! Kristen, against all odds, seems to be coming out on top. Between telling the judge that Chloe’s a danger to Brady and Rachel, to bringing up Philip’s supposed death, somehow, the woman who’s probably committed every crime in the book has gotten the judge’s ear.

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Is it ridiculous? Yes. But is it happening? Also, yes.

Kristen doesn’t even have a lawyer, yet somehow, she’s out-maneuvering Belle! And if the woman who got EJ out of jail can’t save Brady, we may just about be out of options. “Just about,” though, doesn’t mean hopeless!

Right now, Kristen’s argument seems to hinge on the theory that Chloe is a bad influence who drives Brady to extremes like drinking and murdering. Because, you know, they so often go hand-in-hand. But if there’s one way to short-circuit that whole crazy argument, it’s by proving that Brady’s innocent… and bringing Philip back to town!

Would Philip necessarily be eager to come back and help out the man who, as far as he was concerned, stole Chloe away from him? The old Philip might not have, but he’s been off getting treatment for his mental issues, and before he plunged off the deep end, he was a half-decent man who at least wanted to do the right thing. Occasionally.

Philip scowls at Chloe while holding up a watch in the woods on Days of Our Lives

“Do you see this watch, Chloe?! That’s right, it’s exactly what you think it is! An apology. I’m so sorry for everything. Here, have a watch.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

This would be his chance to make amends for almost destroying Brady’s life. Plus, it would be the perfect timing for Kate to try being a better mother, now that even her good son is off in prison. And with Stefan back, we would get the return of two prodigal sons, one from each of the opposing families: the DiMeras and the Kirakises.

And they would both be men who’ve loved Chloe.

Stefan, of course, doesn’t remember that he moved on, while Philip would have hopefully accepted the fact that he has to move on while he was away getting help. His return could set him, Stefan and Brady into a battle over Chloe… but an even better story would have him working with Brady to keep Stefan at bay!

That way, he could thwart Kristen’s plans twice over. At least, for a time. Because then, of course, Chloe could see that Philip really is a changed man with a good heart and start falling for him all over again, despite the fact (or maybe because of it) that he was rooting for her and Brady.

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However it would go down, though, now is the perfect time for Philip to make his triumphant return, start over fresh and stick it to Kristen while he’s at it!

Really, what more could we ask for?

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