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Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

So often, happy memories can help us move forward.

It’s been a little under a month since Days of Our Lives‘ Tamara Braun (Ava) shared that she lost her dear friend Lea. Since then, the actress has understandably been quiet on social media as she’s been saying goodbye to her good friend, processing her grief and going through, as she said on one post, “boxes of memories looking for Lea.”

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Recently, she’s been stepping gingerly back into social media, though it’s clear Braun is still feeling her loss. Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking posts she shared included photos of her and Lea in Death Valley, captioned with the touching poem Robert Frost wrote after the death of his father, Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Braun received an outpouring of support and love after the post, as folks reached out to let her know she was in their hearts. And the good news is, it made a difference.

The following day, Braun returned to Instagram just in time for Throwback Thursday to share a very special photo from happier times. Back in the day, as her fans are sure to know, she played daughter to none other than General Hospital‘s Jacklyn Zeman as the second Carly Corinthos.

“Happy #tbt everyone,” she wrote with the post. “I found these photos in a box and just had to share!!! Mama Jacklyn Zeman looking amazing when we were part of a night of monologues Heather Tom had put together.”

She then went on to say how much difference a single night can make.

“Memories…” Braun continued. “Hope you’re all having a good Thursday today. I am. I woke up feeling so much lighter and brighter and I’m very grateful. Thank you for all your loving and supportive messages. It means the world to me.”

Sometimes it takes time, other times it helps to be surrounded by love and support, even from people you’ve never met before. And sometimes, the happy memories can help make the sad ones just a little bit easier to bear.

However she does it, we’re just happy to see Braun feeling happier and lighter.

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