Galen Gering as Rafe Hernandez on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

It’s never too late fix what’s gone wrong.

Days of Our Lives‘ Rafe is nothing if not thorough as he cleans up the town of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells. Or at least, he tries to be! Then again, what’s good for Salem, isn’t necessarily good for its top cop, as Rafe is constantly rushing off to solve crime, leaving Nicole to pine over Eric!

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Eh, who are we kidding? She does that right in front of her husband too.

But hey, Rafe’s gotta do what Rafe’s gotta do — and the same can be said about Galen Gering in real life! When the actor headed out on a beach trip with the family recently, they encountered a shoreline covered in trash. But rather than just shake their heads at the sorry state of the world we’re leaving behind us, they decided to do something about it.

Gering and his family grabbed some trash bags and got to work cleaning up every inch of the shore. A task almost as impossible as getting rid of the crime in Salem you say? (But seriously, why does a small-ish town like that have so many supervillains and murders and satanic visitors??) Nothing’s too big a job if you set your mind to it! That, and the Gerings’ act ended up inspiring others to join in, and soon they had a whole team of folks cleaning up with them.

“So sad to see this,” the actor captioned the Instagram video he shared. “We’re the worst. An impromptu beach cleanup began. It started small but grew. And as we worked our way down the beach, more and more people joined in. We collected lots of bags, and in the end, it was so much cleaner.”

And the before and after sight in the video is truly amazing.

Sometimes it seems like the world is just a mess these days (literally!), but Gering’s amazing good deed is something we can all support — probably more than Rafe’s marriage to Nicole!

Sorry, Rafe, but it is what it is. You deserve someone who married you for you, not because the love of her life was a priest! (Or so she thought at the time.)

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