Orpheus Sets a Trap Days
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Salem faces a potentially explosive situation.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of August 29 – September 2, John, Roman and Steve scramble to save the women they love. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Ever since Orpheus was pardoned by the governor, Steve has been obsessed with him, to say the least. He’s convinced Orpheus is a danger to his family, and had to be talked out of hunting him down and killing him. When Stephanie had a meeting with a mystery client, Steve was sure it was Orpheus and wanted to tag along, but she refused to allow it. Steve, with John’s help, still tailed her to the meeting, which turned out to be with Paulina. Meanwhile, Marlena and Kayla were visited by Orpheus and were led away by him and his goons.

Next week, over a computer feed, Orpheus tells Roman, John and Steve that he has Kate, Marlena and Kayla captive in a warehouse. They are shown a live feed of the women tied up to chairs.

The men soon learn that a bomb is ready to take them out, and Oprheas gives them three chances to save the women they love. Well, Roman still loves Kate, even if he doesn’t want to admit it, and this just might bring them back together. They are instructed by Orpheus to decipher a puzzle, and only have one hour.

Now we all know the heroes will prevail, but what is Orpheus’ plan here? Could this be a distraction from something bigger he has in the works?

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