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Things are about to get volatile between these two.

From the moment he appeared in the Kiriakis living room, it was all-too apparent that Days of Our Lives‘ Alex Kiriakis is a player. He likes — no, loves — the ladies. Or so it seems. Spoilers for this week hint that he may not be quite as single-mindedly focused on sexual conquest as he may appear. Is it all just an act, or does he just have a bit more depth than we’ve seen so far?

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Either way, his cavalier attitude towards love has rubbed Sonny the wrong way. The Titan CEO has already lit into his brother over Alex’s seemingly shallow, selfish nature — and now it looks like that headbutting is just the start of the siblings’ troubles! After all, even as Alex has been playing the field, he’s quite neatly inserted himself into Titan.

Though he didn’t do that without a little unexpected boost from “Uncle Vic.”

Robert Scott Wilson chatted a bit about Victor’s view of Alex on Soap Opera Digest‘s podcast, noting that the Kiriakis patriarch is most definitely in charge, “but Alex likes to go up against him.” And even though Victor “has all the power over Alex, he knows that he’s a killer in business. Even though [Victor] might not want to say it, he wants to give responsibility and a little bit of control to Alex.”

Great, but Alex is a just a playboy who’s trying to help out his little brother with a few secret dealings and handing him a company or two on a silver platter, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe a little bit of control is “what Alex’s whole goal was.”

In clear rimmed glasses and an open collared suit, Alex stands with Maggie in front of Victor at the mansion

The problem is, if Alexander’s not just acting out of an altruistic desire to help Sonny, that’s going to put him in direct confrontation with his bro. Sonny may have been reluctant to take up the CEO mantle, but he did it, and he sacrificed a lot to work for Titan… like living with his husband and their daughter!

And that’s exactly what Wilson hinted at in his chat with Digest.

“That’s a relationship you’re going to see develop,” he said of Alex and Sonny. Being of similar ages, the two characters clicked right off the bat, but that also positions them to be highly competitive. And that’s what Wilson liked about taking the role.

“We see that more in television,” he noted, “brothers going up against each other, fighting for the same cause, but still having the dramatics and trials and tribulations amongst themselves.” In fact, he adds, when the idea of playing Alex was pitched to him, it included the plan of “him and Sonny having this relationship like the brothers in Succession.”

Yikes. We knew the Kiriakis family was dysfunctional but Succession level, a show where the siblings are constantly fighting, squabbling and stabbing each other in the back to take control of their father’s company?

Right now, Alex is operating secretly in the background, snatching up a company Sonny had wanted, then trying to hand it to him on a silver platter. But we’ve already seen Sonny, oblivious to what Alex has done, rightfully suspicious of the bizarre offer.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex watches Sonny talk on the phone

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If he keeps balking at what Alex is trying to do, the elder sibling may just decide it’s time to step out of the shadows and wrestle control of Titan himself. That power struggle will not be pretty, especially if Victor steps in and undercuts Sonny who, he derisively noted to Alex not that long ago, has too much of his mother in him.

We finally get to see Sonny have a real, adult relationship with one of his siblings… and it looks like it could be headed straight into the toilet. The DiMera family may soon have nothing on the Kiriakis infighting that’s headed our way!

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