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These are the “Days” of my week for January 2-8:

I’d like to give thanks to Matt Purvis for taking over my blog for me while I was away during Christmas holidays. I always split a gut over reading his Days blogs on my other site, Soap Opera Fan, and knew that you would as well. Here’s just one sample of what he wrote before my return, that I’d like to comment on before moving onward. This is about Melanie and Philly. “After trying on his ring and being unable to get it off, they decided that they must be meant to be together forever. Apparently Fate has never heard of a little Vaseline. To prove how fated they are, he brought her to bed to show her what else he can pull out of a box.” Matt always makes me smile! Though that is pretty funny, the reality is a little scary. I admit that I have no issue with Phelanie being engaged, but I’ve a huge problem with Melanie quitting nursing to go on an extended honeymoon. This isn’t 1960. What woman would do that? With that thought in mind, let’s rant about the rest of the confusing happenings in Salem this week.

While I was away, the show fired Bryan Dattilo (Lucas). Would it have happened if I was still here? I’m disappointed and sad to see him go, as is almost half of you who voted on my poll regarding the firing. I’m not surprised it happened, considering he hasn’t had anything good written for him since Rafe took his place as Sami’s keeper. At least there’s room for his return but there isn’t any for Mickey Horton, who was, as an afterthought, bumped off this week. (Boy did we see this coming!) The show seems to be dumping off the Horton clan, in order to make room for the less than stellar Hernandez clan, much to my dismay. While Lucas didn’t get a proper goodbye scene, fans can’t even properly mourn Mickey’s death, considering we don’t really care about him anymore, in a sense. Nu-Mickey was played by Kevin Dobson, who was seen in 16 episodes over 2 years. Can hardly get attached with so little on screen time, not to mention, we’re confused as to who we’re supposed to be mourning, because that’s not the Mickey in the photos that Maggie is expressing grief over. Those photos were taken years ago with John Ingle as Mickey. Now, if John was still portraying Mickey, this could have been the story of the year. Feel free to take my poll on Mickey’s death.

Let’s move on to Bope, who are still unbelievably on the outs. First, I’d love to know your thoughts about the Bope separation these days. Maybe you too can’t understand why a couple who has everything can let ancient history get between them to this extent.

Bo’s making out with Carly, suddenly, and seems to be in love with her again, while Hope’s looking for reasons to make out with Cousin Justin. I go away for two weeks and all hell breaks loose! Watching Co, or Barly make out is quite titillating, I’ll admit, but doesn’t feel right to me. Rather confuses me, instead. I’d rather focus on Vivian sniping at Carly, which is fun and more intriguing. The elevator scene started out fun… Vivian said to Carly, “I wouldn’t keep pushing that button, Carly. You can breathe my air. It won’t kill you. This must remind you of the trying time in the casket. I must admit that was very satisfying. But I have regretted it ever since. The truth is I should have just buried you dead.” Then, watching Carly pound the door in a bout of claustrophobia only succeeded in annoying me since I seem to be siding with Vivian in wanting Carly gone this week.