PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - MAY 05: Zach Tinker attends Deleon Tequila Celebrates Cinco De Mayo At The Daytime Emmys at Pasadena Convention Center on May 05, 2019 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Daytime Emmy Awards/P&L Media ) sonny days getty
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“You are my guiding light, my source of hope, my voice of reason.”

It’s been a few years since Days of Our Lives‘ Sonny lost his mom. Adrienne was a steady, loving force in her son’s life. In fact, we could say that about all her kids, including step-son Alexander, who recently noted how much of a mother she was to him. And when Sonny first came back to town as an adult, he was, unlike Will, living as an openly gay man, having already been accepted and welcomed by both his parents.

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Not every kid, though, gets lucky enough to have such an incredible mom. But while Zach Tinker may not have faced the same challenges as his character, he’s still one of the lucky ones. That much was clear when he shared a special birthday post to the woman he calls “Momma.”

“Whenever I am scared, frightened, in need of comfort,” he wrote, “you are there. You display a kindness and charity that I have yet to see anywhere else. You’ve taught me multiple lifetimes of lessons. I’m not sure what I did to be born to a mother like you, but I thank my lucky stars every day that you chose to bless me with the gift of life and being your son.”

The message itself was sweet enough, and Tinker had no shortage of friends and fans chiming in to wish a happy birthday. Plus, as cammiecee wrote, “This picture is giving award winning ’80s album cover.”

Yes! Kind, loving, supportive and ’80s fierce!

For those wondering what Momma looks like today, Tinker also shared a current pic of his mom on his Instagram stories, standing in front of a stove, giant pot in front of her and a flask of what we’re guessing was cooking wine in hand.

Wait, wait, all that about how wonderful she is, and she still had to make food for the family on her special day?? Nope, Tinker made clear. It wasn’t his doing. As he captioned the pic, his Italian mom, “Refuses to not cook, even on her birthday.”

Well, we can’t argue with that. For some folks, cooking is their happy place. (We’re not necessarily one of those people… but it’s what we hear.)

So, happy birthday Momma Tinker! And thanks for giving us the man that Tinker’s grown into today!

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