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What’s that old saying? Something about sinning with the father… and the son?

Now that Ava’s moved into Abigail and Chad’s old room, we have a feeling the DiMera mansion may be heating up real soon on Days of Our Lives.  It’s only been a couple days so far and she’s already been settling in and getting to know her faux in-laws… intimately! But while that could be a great thing for us, it’s just about the last thing the DiMeras need right now.

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Or, at the very least, it’s about the last thing EJ and Johnny need right now!

At the hospital, EJ embraces Johnny

“Wait, why do be both smell like Ava’s perfume?”

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First off, there’s that fire about to start between Johnny and Ava. If there’s anything that’s clear after the peep show they inadvertently put on for each other, it’s that there’s no shortage of raw, physical attraction. Yeah, there’s a bit of an age gap (she is Tripp’s mom, after all), but they’re both hot to trot and from what we could tell, they enjoyed what they saw!

Plus, Johnny’s pretty much the only family member kind enough to offer genuine condolences for Ava’s loss. Though that means he’s also the only one naïve enough to believe her marriage to Jake was real! Obvious attraction aside, having a true ally in the DiMera family could be too good for someone as pragmatic as Ava to pass up.

Oh, and we’re pretty sure she’d have more than her share of fun with him.

But then there’s EJ. Granted, he and Ava barely seem to be able to tolerate each other and they definitely don’t trust each other. But still, nothing gets the blood boiling like a good game of cat and mouse. And as EJ and Sami could attest, there’s a very thin line between love and hate. Actually, what line? Half the time they flat out go hand-in-hand!

While Ava may believe in keeping allies like Johnny close, EJ believes in keeping “pretenders” closer. Romancing Ava may be his next move.

If it seems like these pairings are ripe for relationships of convenience, that’s because they are. But that doesn’t mean genuine feelings can’t come out of them! Even these three may not be able to tell where physical attraction, emotional caring and calculated scheming begins and ends.

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“Have you met the new hubby, Gwen? There’s another one around here somewhere. Turns out I’ve got a DiMera fetish. On an unrelated note… where’s Chad these days?”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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Now, if we were betting folks, we’d put good money on EJ getting Ava to the altar and leaving Johnny in the dust… or so he’d think. EJ, after all, has more experience in matters of love and manipulation. Maybe at first it would just be a marriage of convenience. Surely, they could both find benefits in marrying each other… and their stock options.

But that wouldn’t necessarily mean abandoning Johnny. It was just force them to be a bit more… discreet.

Sure, Johnny sleeping with his “mom” would be twisted, but this is Stefano’s family. The Phoenix once married his son (or was it his nephew?) off to his adopted daughter and tried giving her her own child by sleeping with her doppelganger! This would be one of the least twisted things the DiMeras have done.

Ultimately, Ava could get the best of both worlds, though she and Johnny would be playing a dangerous game. Would she come to care for both father and son equally? That’s tough to say. On the surface, she seems like the match EJ’s always needed. She’s strong and calculating, with a dark edge that could give EJ’s a run for the money and coming from a powerful family that could rival the DiMeras.

But Ava has, time and again, tried reaching for the light, and while Johnny’s not exactly an angel, at least he’s no longer the devil.

Either way, we don’t see it going well for EJ and Johnny if they end up fighting over the same woman. But then, maybe that’s just what Ava would want. She could divide and conquer the DiMera family, keep father and son distracted battling with each other and away from her fake marriage and her role in springing Gwen from jail.

The thing is, when DiMeras fight, it’s not just your average family battle. People get hurt. People inside the family and outside of it. So far, Johnny and EJ have had a (relatively) healthy relationship, at least compared to what Stefano had with most of his kids. But this could tear that apart. And in a family that holds grudges like they do, it may be a long time before they ever came back together again.

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