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Who could be the new man in town? 

Well, if this past Tuesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives was any indication, it looks like Jada and Eric are hitting it off right off the bat! Their date seemed to be off to a great start as the two got to know each other a bit more, plus it had the added benefit of driving Nicole absolutely crazy!

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If we were thinking, though, that Nicole would be the biggest obstacle between any real connection between the cop and the former priest, it sounds like there may end up being more to the story than that. Imagine if Eric and Jada fell for each other, only for him to still be pulled towards his feelings for Nicole while Jada also felt torn for her feelings for her own ex!

In the course of Eric and Jada getting to know each other, she mentioned she was married once upon a time, but her marriage ended after she and her former husband drifted apart, their careers pulling them in two different directions. Sometimes, these types of things are just backstory, but more often than not they’re a prelude to something — or someone! — to come.

So, with that in mind, here are seven actors familiar to daytime fans who could play Jada’s former husband, should he ever make his way to Salem!

Jordi Vilasuso

Jordi Vilasuso leaving rey "The Young and the Restless" Set with Jordi VilasusoCBS television CityLos Angeles03/3/21© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

OK, hear us out. We’re not saying Jada was married to Rafe’s little brother, Dario. That would be weird if they didn’t recognize each other. But there’s nothing saying Vilasuso, now that Rey’s gone from Young & Restless, couldn’t return to the soap as a new character. If Tamara Braun, Kyle Lowder and Robert Scott Wilson could all do it (the latter starting a new character within weeks of his old one!), then so can Vilasuso. Maybe he could even pick the cop angle back up again and he and Jada could give us “Elani” vibes. Jada said their careers got in the way, but that doesn’t mean they had different careers. Policework can be demanding and exhausting, and if both halves of the couple were being worn down by it, that could have been a major problem.

Redaric Williams

Young and Restless Redaric Williams in Lifetime's Mommy Is A Murderer

It’s been about eight years since we last saw Leslie’s little brother Tyler on Young & Restless, and we feel like it’s about time Redaric Williams made his daytime return. Tyler had both street smarts and corporate savvy that gave him a definite business edge. Jada’s former husband could be a driven, corporate powerhouse coming to Salem to work for Titan or DiMera, only to run into his ex — and maybe afoul of the law, seeing as how neither of those companies are exactly run by the most scrupulous of families!

Darnell Brooks

Brooks Darnell cast as Nate Hastings on Y&R

This particular Genoa City alum should be pretty familiar with playing a career-driven man, seeing as how he played Young & Restless‘ Nate back when he was still a doctor. If Jada’s ex was also a medical professional, that would certainly be an all-consuming profession that could have driven a wedge between the two. He was focused on the hospital, she on her police work. And it would make sense that she’d marry someone in a profession familiar to her, since Jada’s dad was a doctor too!

Ryan Carnes

ryan carnes new hairdo lucas gh

Speaking of doctors, how about General Hospital alum Ryan Carnes? He could fit the bill readily enough and bring some of his affable good-guy charm along with him. If Jada and her ex truly drifted apart, that doesn’t mean their feelings ever really died off. If her husband came to town after she starts a relationship with Eric, imagine the tug-o-war between her feelings for two genuinely decent men. Now that’s a true conundrum!

Parry Shen

PARRY SHEN brad gh gallery

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Since we’re on the topic of General Hospital, there’s always Lucas’ erstwhile husband, Brad. Would Days of Our Lives poach him? In theory, Brad’s out of prison, but we don’t get to see him much, and Parry Shen’s too talented of a (relatively) good-hearted troublemaker to go to waste. Maybe there’s a bit more to Jada’s story than just drifting apart because of competing careers. After all, she wouldn’t exactly want to get too deep into her ex troubles on a first date! Maybe her former husband is kind of a cad and iff there’s anyone who can deliver a character both likable and reprehensible, it’s Shen!

Corbin Bleu

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 25: Corbin Bleu Visits Empire State Building at The Empire State Building on July 25, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust)

Now, if we want more than meets the eye to Jada’s story of her ex, how about One Life to Live vet Corbin Bleu? Though his role on the show’s online incarnation was, sadly, short-lived due to the reboot’s demise, intrepid reporter Jeffrey King was driven and power hungry. Plus, he also seemed to have darkly secret motives that we never quite got into. That kind of character would be the perfect foil to a cop who just wants to do good. And it would make sense why they just couldn’t make their marriage work. Heck, they could even make him a reporter again! Salem’s been short one ever since Abigail’s demise.

Texas Battle

Texas BattleTexas Battle "Bold and the Beautiful" marcus bb jpi

It might be a little too perfect for the man who played Bold & Beautiful‘s Marcus to join Days of Our Lives as Jada’s ex — seeing as how her dad’s name was Marcus too! There’s a bit of kismet to that, right? In any case, it’s been almost a decade since we’ve seen Donna and Justin’s son, so we feel like it’s about time we got Battle back on our screens. Plus, he could play a corporate powerhouse just as well as Williams. Sure, there was a good deal of nepotism involved, but Marcus climbed the ranks of Forrester Creations fast, rising from a shipping department employee to executive in no time. That’s the kind of meteoric rise that, if brought to Jada’s former husband, could have easily tanked a marriage.

What do you think? Do any of these actors sound like they’d be a good fit? Is there anyone you’d like to see play the role? Heck, he doesn’t even have to be drawn to Jada if he came to town — there are plenty of ladies in town whose hearts he could set aflutter. Comment below!

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