Chad confronts Leo about Abby's Murder Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

Who killed Abigail remains a huge question in Salem.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of August 8 – 12, two suspects are left in Abby’s murder, but which one did it? Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Chad spends some time out with Thomas in Horton Square when the young boy excitingly points out Leo to his father, who Thomas thinks is the tooth fairy. Chad confronts Leo about seeing his son in the basement of their home the day Abigail was murdered. Leo for sure fenced some stolen goods from the DiMera mansion, but did something else happen that night?

Meanwhile, Xander and Sarah are positive it was Gwen who killed Abigail and tried in vain to locate the Sarah mask, suspecting that’s how Gwen got away with it. After Gwen through the mask in a dumpster, Leo, unfortunately, got to it first and confronted his good friend with it. Coming up, Sarah and Xander set out to prove Gwen left the prison the night Abby died. Dressed as a priest, Xander meets with the prison warden and introduces himself as Father Callem O’Brien.

What do you think fans, did Gwen dressed as Sarah kill Abigail? Or is there still someone else that nobody has considered as the killer?

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube