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You win some, you lose some.

Stefan is back! OK, technically right now, it’s just his body that’s back on Days of Our Lives, but the man himself is soon to follow once he gets his transplant. And once that happens, you can bet “Stabi” is sure to follow — though the jury’s still out on whether Jake’s heart will yearn for Ava, while Stefan’s brain goes for Gabi.

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At least, we assume that’s the plan. It turns out, according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, that there’s one man who may have a problem with it: Li!

Dr. Rolf, you see, left out a key detail of how he was able to keep Stefan alive for four years — Li was bankrolling the whole mad scheme! Take that, electricity bill. As of right now, though, Rolf and Li are the only ones who know that, and the good doctor is stuck trying to serve two masters: Li and Kristen!

“It’s a delicate balance,” portrayer Richard Wharton explains to Digest. “And you don’t want to be on that woman’s bad side. Dr. Rolf is a little bit afraid of Kristen.”

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As well he should be. Kristen is not the kind of person to take kindly to being lied to, especially when it comes to family matters. The thing is, while we know what she wants — one of the twins back to make dear, dead daddy happy — what’s Li’s game?

The man’s clearly had his own plan for years, and there’s a good bet the DiMeras (blood-related and otherwise) won’t be happy with it. It also puts some serious doubt on all those claims that he was in it for real with Gabi. OK, so it may be a bit more than “doubt” since Wharton tells Digest that Li wants Rolf to delay Stefan’s resurrection until he’s sure he’s got the current DiMera CEO locked down!

And that’s crucial, because Li’s plans clearly involve manipulating Gabi, and Stefan’s return is going to throw that all out of whack. But delaying Stefan’s resurrection is a dangerous game to play, and Li is playing it against some of Salem’s most dangerous citizens.

“Dr. Rolf,” Wharton teases, “will find a way to turn the tables on [Li]. Eventually, Dr. Rolf is going to get his way, in my mind.”

His way is bringing Stefan back and strengthening the DiMera family. That’s also Kristen’s way. And Li’s stalling could take too darn long. Gabi just told Sonny she’s having fun with Li, nothing more, so his trying to ensure she’s madly in love with him could take a lot more work than he thinks.

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Stall long enough and steps will have to be taken to get Stefan back up and running. Rolf can only make excuses for so long before he’ll have to come clean to Kristen. And once that happens, we have a feeling Li’s lifespan will be drastically reduced. Like Rolf’s portrayer said, you don’t want to be on her bad side!

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But hey, that’s all well and good because he’s just one more obstacle between “Stabi” that we don’t need. Once Stefan’s back, Li and his DiMera shares will no longer be necessary. And now that Kristen knows what Rolf’s been up to, the good doctor won’t need Li’s money anymore. He’ll be redundant, and surely a shrewd businessman like Li would understand that redundancy is simply something to be eliminated…

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