Rolf Brings Stefan Back Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

Dr. Rolf is about to cheat death out of another victim.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of August 1 – 5, Kristen gives Dr. Rolf the green light to do what he needs to. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Last week, Jake proposed to Ava, who said yes, and he headed to a jewelry store in Horton Square to buy her a ring. However right after slipping it on her finger, a gun-toting mugger demanded they hand it over. When Jake refused, the mugger shot him in the gut, and Jake was later pronounced dead.

As news of Jake’s death spread, various family members began to plot. EJ was after his late brother’s DiMera shares to further take back control of the company. However, Gabi convinced Ava to lie and claim she and Jake married that morning, making the shares hers. While they all fought over shares, Dr. Rolf urged Kristen they needed to worry about getting hold of Jake’s body.

In a preview of what is to come, Jake is hooked up to machines in Dr. Rolf’s lab keeping his body alive. However, Kristen shakes her head when Rolf confirms that Jake is still dead. When he reveals there is one more thing he can try, Kristen orders him to do it! Knowing Dr. Rolf, that likely means a hair-brained scheme to put someone else into Jake’s body.

Later in the promo, Rolf pulls back the curtain, as captions tease “Mad Science” and “Assembly Required.” Rolf chants, “Behold!” as Kristen gasps, “Oh my god!” Rolf pumps his fist, apparently triumphant.

What do you think Days of Our Lives fans? Has Rolf brought back Stefan, Jake’s twin brother? Or does he have something or someone else in mind for Jake’s body?

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube