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Credit: Image: Chris Haston/NBC

He’s been missing in action but the daytime star had a legitimate reason why.

It’s likely happened to us all… You finally decide it’s time for an upgrade or simply just want a new cell phone. However, sometimes that also means changing service providers. And as a result of one or both, connections attached to our old cells get messed up. It appears something along those lines happened to Days of Our Lives fave Paul Telfer (Xander).

Fans may have been wondering why he has been pretty quiet on Twitter since the end of June but Telfer resurfaced yesterday, on Thursday, July 28, and announced that the theme song of the day was “Back in the Saddle” by rock legend Aerosmith.

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Why? Because…

“Finally back on Twitter after being locked out for a month since switching to iPhone/Verizon,” Telfer explained.

Also with his post, he included a tweet from fan Vivvyjo, containing a video of the scene where Gwen paid Xander a visit and watched, via the mirror, as he dropped his towel and got into something more appropriate.

“Back in (and out) of the towel again,” Telfer responded, as Vivvyjo suggested that “Gwen’s sorry she doesn’t have popcorn while she enjoys the show.”

Whatever technical issues caused Telfer to be locked out for a month, we are just happy to see him back — and being his funny self once again!

What Gwen witnessed in the scene above could be categorized as a little love in the afternoon — for her — but for many others the scenes were a bit more intimate. View our gallery below filled with rare photos and indelible memories of soaps’ golden age.