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From laughter to tears… and a bit more laughter. 

It didn’t take long for Brandon Barash to share a little update on how he feels about Jake’s death on Days of Our Lives. In fact, it took less than a day! And with one simple post, he may have shared more than it seems!

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The actor shared a split screen post of himself as his most recent character, writing, “How it started/how it’s going. #ripjake. It was fun getting to know you.”

In the first photo, he’s happy and amused, reading the Steve Martin/Harry Bliss cartoon book, A Wealth of Pigeons. Fun, lighthearted and whimsical! Then there’s next pic with poor Jake covered in blood, confused and distraught reading the Handbook for the Recently Deceased!

That book’s title isn’t just spot on, but for those who don’t recognize it, is straight out of the Tim Burton classic, Beetlejuice. It’s what all ghosts are given upon death to learn how to handle their new existence as the undead. It also, as every character points out, reads like stereo instructions. No wonder Jake’s looking so confused. Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it sooner or later!

With that said, this particular choice of literature really got us wondering. It could just be a play on Jake having become, well, recently deceased… or it could point to something a bit more.

The Beetlejuice book could be a reference to Jake’s “ghostly” appearance, but it could also be a wink and a nod to the fact Jake’s dead… but is still going to be hanging around.

How could that be if not as a ghost? Well, we already theorized when he died that Dr. Rolf could be bringing Stefan back in Jake’s body.

It wouldn’t be the first time the mad scientist has put a DiMera’s “essence” into another person! And it would give the show a chance to bring Stefano’s namesake back while keeping Barash around. Steve and Stefano weren’t even related and it worked, so why not Stefan and Jake?

Plus, spoilers for next week talk about even Kristen being shocked by Rolf’s little science experiment, so something big is going down! Of course, transplanting essences and brain chips and all might be a bit much, so maybe the doctor’s just been keeping Stefan on ice for a little while, waiting for the perfect way to bring him back to life. That’s far more believable, right?

Either way, we’re feeling more and more certain that Barash isn’t going anywhere just yet!

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Or it’s just a cute, funny post and we’re reading into it way too much. But here’s hoping there’s more to come!

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