Originally written March 30
Updated April 20

Something borrowed something ‘Green’?

Sami and Lucas plan to tie the knot in the comings weeks but they need your help! For the next five weeks, starting March 19 through until April 14, you will be able to be a part of the festivities by voting on your favorite elements that will in turn be used in the ceremony!

You’ll visit the network site at Sami and Lucas’ Green Wedding to follow directions and place your vote for what Sami will use in her wedding for something old from Caroline (Peggy McCay), something new from Hope (Kristian Alfonso), something borrowed comes from Marlena (Deidre Hall), something blue, coming from Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and finally, something green, from Kayla (Mary Beth Evans)!

This week you can vote on ‘Something Old’. Place your vote on woolen wedding rings, such as the ones that Grandpa Shawn and Grandma Caroline exchanged on their wedding day, an antique rosary, or the very same bible verse that Caroline’s mother gave to her on her wedding day!

Shoo, go place your votes and then come back here to tell us all what you voted on, or create a post in the Message Board!

Week One:

I voted for the woolen rings, What did you vote for?

Week Two:

Hope presents Sami with Something New – You can vote for a Brady Christmas Ornament, a gold coin for luck or a bell charm to restore harmony!

I voted for a Brady Christmas Ornament with Sami’s name on it!

What did you vote for this week?!


Interested in how the wedding planning is going? Here’s an update on the plans for all you brides who are planning your own eco-friendly wedding or for all those interested!


In the comings and goings I’ve mentioned that celebrity event planner ‘Debbie Geller’ of “Geller Events” will be playing herself on Tuesday, May 8th. She will be making final touches to the ‘Green Wedding’ at Chez Rouge. We’ll get to also view celebrity chef ‘Ben Ford’ of “Ford’s Filing Station”. Ben will be catering Sami and Lucas’ wedding reception on Wednesday, May 9th!


Many of the flowers for the LUMI green wedding will be living arrangements such as potted plants that can be reused afterward, and all cut flowers are either organic and/or locally grown courtesy of “The Hidden Garden”.

Girl’s best friend:

If you’ve seen ‘Blood Diamond’, you’ll smile to yourself and appreciate this next bit! The rings that Sami and Lucas will exchange come from “Tacori”, which is a “green business” famous for their signature crescent silhouette trademarked design and known for using conflict free diamonds!

Take the cake!

What’s a wedding without cake? Sami and Lucas’ wedding cake from Nancy Kay’s Confections will be made of organic flour, organic dairy products, free range eggs and other natural ingredients!


Even the menus are eco-friendly! Lehr & Black are providing printed menus, invitations and place cards made from recycled paper and raw silk!

Ahh, Sami’s dress! This is what you’ve all been waiting for so I saved it until last. Sami’s dress will be created out of pure silk from the leading innovative fashion house of Monigue Lhuillier. No word on what it looks like as of yet. You’ll just have to wait until the date!

Enjoy voting weekly!