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There are some people who will always be a part of our lives.

Last week, Days of Our Lives fans were in for a special treat when SPD’s newest recruit, Jada Hunter, first showed up in Salem. For longtime viewers, her name alone should have been a big tipoff as to her Salem connections, but then she mentioned her dad, Dr. Marcus Hunter, and how good a friend he was to Steve.

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Newer viewers might have been a bit confused, but for the vets, getting to meet Marcus’ daughter is a touching and special treat! Luckily, it didn’t take long for Jada to sit down with Steve and reminisce about her father, but for those not in the know, Marcus was played by Richard Biggs in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Originally, Steve brought him to Salem to help out, seeing as the two had grown up together in the same orphanage and were the closest friends. Steve became Mr. Danger Man, while Marcus became a plastic surgeon at the hospital.

We last got to see him in 1992 when he left town after declaring his love for Kayla and getting turned down. Don’t worry, though, he wasn’t betraying his pal — Steve had “died” two years earlier.

Sadly, he never got a chance to return to Salem with his friend. Steve turned up alive in 2006, while Biggs passed away in 2004.

Stephen Nichols took to Instagram to memorialize the man who wasn’t just a huge part of Steve’s life, but also of Nichols. He shared a classic clip of Patch just before his wedding to Kayla, with pal Marcus there to calm him down and cheer him on.

“This man, Rick Biggs, who was as much a part of Steve and Kayla’s wedding as anyone, is sorely missed,” Nichols wrote. “Rick was a great guy and an Ohio boy like myself. We loved our work together as best friends from our orphanage days. Rick was tragically struck down by an undetected heart condition in 2004. Miss you, homey.”

Biggs may be gone, but he’s clearly not forgotten — not by Nichols, nor fans. And now we have Jada in town to carry on he and his character’s legacy for the next generation of viewers! We couldn’t think of a better way to memorialize him if we tried.

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