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It’s time to roll the dice on love!

Robert Scott Wilson is back on Days of Our Lives today, July 26, but this time, he’s expanding the Kiriakis family tree! There aren’t a whole lot of details on Sonny’s half brother Alexander just yet, but it sounds like he’s going to be thrown straight into the deep end of the love pool. Well, “love” might be a bit generous… at least at first!

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Wilson spoke to TV Insider about the role, promising that Alex is nothing like Ben.

“He’s not this bleeding heart,” he notes, “with love for one person. He wants to have a good time, he’s successful. He’s kind of scared of love, which we dive into.”

But just how much of a good time does he want to have?

“Alex has his eyes on everybody in the beginning,” Wilson laughs. “He’s got a bunch of scenes with Maggie walking in on him with some not-so-wife material girls. And they’re just hilarious.”

A Kiriakis with a fondness for the ladies? Boy does that sound a whole lot like his dear old dad, who was quite the lothario when he first came to Salem! In fact, Alex’s mom was very much married when she and Justin were sleeping together and that didn’t faze the rogue one bit! It took some time (and Adrienne) for him to settle down into the mostly-respectable lawyer he is today. Alex, though, might not be as slow to come around!

“Ultimately,” Wilson tells TV Insider, “just like everybody, you end up finding one [person] that changes your ways. And Alex seemingly feels that he has found the one to change his ways.”

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing by any means. This is Salem after all.

“Does she reciprocate that at the beginning?” Wilson asks rhetorically. “Probably not, because she knows he’s kind of an asshole. But that’s the story, we’re going to find his humanity and his heart and changing his ways for the better on the romantic side of things.”

Well that certainly sounds intriguing. Now all that’s left is to figure out just who this mystery woman is. He’s certainly never going to be paired with Ciara if she ever returns to town without Ben – after all, the two are second cousins!

The Contenders

So who does that leave? Well, there’s always Gwen, if she ever gets out of prison. She’s certainly got an eye for Kiriakis men and Alex is a bit more of an insider than Xander will ever be. If she wants a path to financial security, he’s her man. Then again, part of what made her click so well with Xander was that they were both the black sheep of the family. They just got each other.

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“Oh, Alex is here! I should get dressed! On second thought…”

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Then there’s Gabi. Right now, she and Li are allegedly steaming up, but how much of that is a matter of business convenience? (At least on Gabi’s end.) Just think of the possibilities of a DiMera/Kiriakis union. Well, pseudo-DiMera. And if Gabi loses control of the company, even that’s out the window. That would, though, leave her scrambling to find another “in” to power and Alex could be just the ticket. She’d just have to jump ship to Titan, but somehow we don’t see company loyalty as a problem for her.

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“DiMera, Titan — I don’t care where I am, so long as everyone understands I’m in charge. Take notes, Alex.”

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While we’re on the topic of Gabi, we should probably add Ava into the mix. Despite the Gabi/Ava feud that had seemed to be brewing, the mob princess has been backburnered for a little while now. Getting in with the Kiriakis clan would be one hell of an accomplishment for her and set her up into a position of power to counter Gabi’s. And since we’re pretty sure Jake is bighting the big one, she may, sadly, be looking for a rebound soon.

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“Hey, Alex? So my dance card just opened up and I could use a new partner. You in?”

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Then there’s Sarah. She’s a possibility — depending on whether or not she ends up locked up soon for Abigail’s murder! Sure, she’s with Xander, but at this point, their love has been thwarted so many times, you have to wonder if they’ll ever make it. Plus, anger at Gwen or no, Xander still clearly has feelings for her, so there’s no guarantee that he and Sarah are endgame. And if she’s a free agent… Well, we could see her scoffing at Alex for being a lothario at first before he wins her over. She didn’t exactly jump at bad boy Xander!

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“Please, there’s only one Kiriakis for me and he’s… Good Lord, is every man in your family stupid hot when you take off your shirts??”

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That’s just about it… except maybe for Stephanie! Yes, Steve and Kayla’s daughter should be heading for Days of Our Lives soon after teasing it at the end of Beyond Salem. And that means she, more than anyone else on this list, will likely be single and ready to mingle! She’s dated a few Hortons, battled it out with Melanie over a man or two and, at one point, almost married Alex’s cousin, Philip! Somehow we feel like she might be the perfect match for Sonny’s newly returned half-brother!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: BEYOND SALEM -- Episode 202 -- Pictured: Abigail Klein as Stephanie Johnson -- (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock)

“Couldn’t you have found a better photo for my dating app?”

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock

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What do you think? Is there anyone we missed? Who seems the most likely to you?

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