Lucas has a memory DAYS
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Can Lucas help to identify Abigail’s killer?

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of July 18 – 22, Lucas has a jarring memory while under hypnosis. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Lucas’ week went from bad to worse when he was arrested for kidnapping Sami and became a prime suspect in Abigail’s murder. As he was set to wed Sami, Chad learned from Kate that Lucas knew Abby had found out he was the one who kidnapped his bride-to-be, not EJ. Later when Chad found out through Will that Lucas went on a bender and blacked out, he stormed the wedding sure that it was Lucas who killed his wife, and blew Lucas’ secrets out of the water.

This week, Rafe welcomes Jada Hunter to the Salem PD. Together, Rafe, Jada and Marlena team up to solve Abigail’s murder.

As she’s done many times before, Marlena hypnotizes Lucas to try and recall the events the night of Abigail’s murder that he can’t seem to remember thanks to getting blackout drunk. Lucas’s memories begin to come through and he heard someone screaming. He grabbed a knife to go investigate. That likely explains why he had a gash on his hand. However, what happens next sends chills down his spine as he recalls seeing someone fleeing out the front door. When Rafe asks who he saw, Lucas exclaims, “Oh my God!”

Now that we know it’s not Lucas who killed Abby, who do you think he saw making a break out the front door?

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