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At least there are still some happily ever afters out there!

Well, that was certainly an… experience on Days of Our Lives. Sami and Lucas’ wedding didn’t just go poorly — we’re pretty sure there’s a decent chance he may have just ruined his chance with her forever! And honestly, we can’t really blame Sami. Then again, if she could forgive EJ for some of the things he‘s done over the years…

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Somehow, though, this feels worse. Sami was ticked at EJ over kidnapping her, but in a way, she expected it. He’s always been capable of horrible actions. But Lucas’ kidnapping her has got to feel so much more like a betrayal, seeing as how she’s always viewed him as her hero. Heck that’s even what she said so eloquently during their vows!

Ah, well. Whether or not Lucas ends up locked up, he and Sami sure seem to be toast. Luckily Bryan Dattilo is in a far, far better place than his kidnapping alter-ego!

In fact, earlier in the week the actor took to Instagram to celebrate a milestone we’re pretty sure Lucas never will!

“Today is the wedding of Sami and Lucas,” Dattilo wrote, “but 11 years ago today my real wedding went a lot more smoothly. Thanks for every day of love and laughter.”


It goes without saying that if the happy couple marked their 11th anniversary this year, then last year, they celebrated their milestone first decade together!

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At the time, Dattilo flashed back to the day itself with a gorgeous black and white photo that looked far more tranquil and perfect than anything Sami and Lucas could have mustered even if things hadn’t gotten derailed. And to top it all off, he included the wonderfully sweet message, “Still in love… Together, we found the way.”

Well, while we wait to see just how far the fallout goes, at least we know that in the real world, sometimes love does find a way. Here’s to many more years for the happy couple!

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