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Looking flawless for a smackdown is always important.

Get ready, because wedding bells are ringing in Salem this week! Or is that alarm bells we hear? It can be tough to tell sometimes. Regardless, Sami and Lucas are about to walk down the aisle again on Days of Our Lives and that’s always cause for celebration! OK, usually cause for celebration…

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But no matter how many times Sami walks down the aisle (and let’s just say that it’s enough by now to have officially certified as a “hobby”), we will never begrudge her looking the best she can for the big days. Sami already gave us a taste of her wedding look on Monday’s episode, so now it seems like the perfect time to get a peek at all the work that went into her stunning hair.

That’s where Alison Sweeney comes in, as the actress took us for a behind-the-scenes look at how the show’s talented hairstylist got her locks looking like pure wedded bliss. (Enjoy it, because that’s the only bliss we’ll be getting.)

“Sami’s wedding hair style thanks to the talented Marisa G. Ramirez,” Sweeney noted on Instagram with a sped-up video of it being skillfully woven into a stunning updo. Or, as she put it over on her Instagram stories, “Love is in the hair.”

Let’s hope so, because it sure as heck isn’t in the air! And we’re pretty darn certain it won’t be making it down the aisle!

Sweeney ended her post encouraging folks to, “Enjoy the fireworks.”

Since the 4th of July is already fading away into our rear-view mirrors, we don’t think she’s talking about celebrating Independence Day. Then again, if the confrontation in the wedding preview is any indication, she may just be declaring her independence from Lucas!

This week’s spoilers certainly seem to point to Hurricane Sami making landfall in a dramatic fashion. And high winds when you’re setting off fireworks is always cause for extreme concern!

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