judi evans DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- “Day of Days” November 19th, 2021 Los Angeles, CA -- Pictured in this screengrab: Judi Evans -- (Photo by: NBC)
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Table dancing is not for everyone!

It’s no secret that when you have to shoot a show as quickly and as often as Days of Our Lives, there’s just no time to break for real life. If an actress becomes pregnant, there’s a decent chance their character might too. If they’ve got a cold, their character might be sniffing through their scenes. And if they fall off a table and sprain an ankle… well, then it’s time for a horse accident!

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Turns out, that’s what happened to Judi Evans back in the ’80s when fans watched Adrienne hobbling around on crutches for a few episodes! We just never knew what, exactly happened to her to prompt those crutches… until now.

Evans shared a number of clips from those glamorous days, stitched together into one glorious montage, starting with Adrienne’s explanation of why she was all of a sudden sporting crutches.

“I fell off the horse,” she explained, rushing through the next line as if she was embarrassed. “Sprained my ankle, it’s no big deal.”

Now, though, we have a feeling Evans wasn’t quite acting that embarrassed explanation.

“Adrienne’s ‘horse accident,'” the actress wrote on the Instagram post, “was actually the result of 4-tequila-20-something-year-old Judi hopping up on a table at a bar and thinking she could dance the night away. She could not, and so came crashing down, spraining her ankle.”

Well… at least she went down having fun! Maybe a little too much fun.

“My main concern,” Evans continued, “was that I had to match a scene from the week before and so I told the doctor I could not have a cast with an evening gown.”

Check out the clips to see just how well she pulled off the evening gown/crutches look!

And if you think there was a surprising amount of scenes in there that’s because, as Evans explained, “We did about five episodes with me hobbling around on crutches and poor Wally Kurth romantically carrying me out whilst negotiating said crutches.”

They probably would have just made everything easier if Justin had spent all five episodes carrying Adrienne around like that. So romantic, plus no crutches needed! Well, it would have made everything easier for everyone but poor Kurth!

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After admitting that she’d never really told anyone the real story of what happened all those years ago, Evans ended the post with what is, honestly, one of life’s most important lessons: “Don’t tequila and jump on tables, kids!”

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