Sami and Lucas' wedding day DAYS
Credit: NBC screenshot

It doesn’t look like Sami and Lucas will get to say, “I do.”

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of July 11 – 15, Lucas and Sami’s wedding is crashed, but not by who you might expect. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

After securing her divorce from EJ, Sami and Lucas moved forward quickly with their plans to remarry. So far Lucas has still been able to keep the fact that he kidnapped Sami, not EJ, from his bride-to-be. However, the events of the night of Abigail’s murder are still a drunken blur to him.

Last week, Clyde gifted Nancy a bracelet, yet had no idea he bought it off a fence and it was one of the items stolen from Abigail the night she was murdered. While it was enough evidence for Rafe to arrest Clyde, for once the only thing he was guilty of was buying hot merchandise. Meanwhile, Leo visited Gwen in prison and revealed the news that Abby’s murder had been pinned on Clyde. While there he learned the night of the murder Gwen mysteriously went missing at the time of bed check.

This week, Salem gathers as Lucas and Sami plan to say, “I do.” It appears not everyone has faith in this marriage, as Kate and Roman have, “Here we go again,” written all over their faces. Unfortunately for the happy couple, it’s all about to fall apart as Chad breaks up the ceremony and attacks Lucas!

What do you think fans? Is Lucas guilty? Could it be Sarah? Or did Gwen sneak out and kill her sister?

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