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In honor of Abe and Paulina’s recent nuptials, the show RSVP’d yes to a walk down not only the aisle but Memory Lane.

The feels! The feels! We can’t handle the feels that Days of Our Lives generated with its video tribute to 57 years of Salem weddings. Every time we felt an “Aww!” rising up in our throat, another one started growing right behind it, as we were treated to clips from the nuptials of couples ranging from John and Marlena to Victor and Maggie, from Hope and Bo to Abby and Chad…

Along the way, we were treated to glimpses of momentous (and overdue) firsts for the soap — a la the first time a gay couple tied the knot (Will and Sonny, then played by Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith) and the first time an African-American couple exchanged vows (Lani and Eli).

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Eli, Lani pose wedding Days

The vintage clips also teed up a Who’s Who of daytime’s finest. For instance, the first ceremony put front and center Laura’s original portrayer, Susan Flannery, who of course went on to play Bold & Beautiful queen bee Stephanie from that soap’s debut until her retirement. A peek at Shane and Kimberly’s “I dos,” as you’d expect, features Charles Shaughnessy, who now stirs the pot as Victor on General Hospital.

A flashback to Justin and Adrienne’s wedding — the one that kinda-sorta married Wally Kurth and Judi Evans for real — includes a lovely shot of the late Joy Garrett, who prior to being cast as mother of the bride Jo had passed through Young & Restless as one of daytime’s most memorably named characters: Boobsie.

We probably don’t need to mention that Kurth divides his time between Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, where he plays Ned, right? Didn’t think so.

After you finish watching the video above, check out the below wedding album, a massive ranking of the greatest “I dos” in the history of soapdom.

Video: YouTube/Days of Our Lives