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“What the hell have you been doing for the past two years?”

It looks like at least one of the family reunions which will be at the center of Beyond Salem‘s second chapter will have a majorly awkward moment or two. Because when Ben and Ciara take their son Bo to meet grandma Hope, the new parents will try and get answers to a question that fans have been asking: Where has Hope been since leaving town in the wake of her daughter’s supposed death?


In the newly-released trailer for Beyond Salem — which you can view in its entirety below — Ciara and Ben introduce Bo Jr. to the widow of his namesake, and everything looks hunky dory. But another scene features a clearly upset Ciara demanding, “Damnit, mom, where have you been? What the hell have you been doing for the past two years?”

If we could add a question to that list, it might be, “Why is Harris Michaels knocking on your door… and why is the character, played by Steve Burton, seen wearing no less than three different hats?”

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Chapter two of the Peacock spinoff is set to drop on Monday, July 11, with a new episode airing each day that week. Like the previous chapter, these five episodes will focus on longtime fan faves who find themselves leaving Salem for various reasons. Steve and Kayla head to Seattle to visit Tripp, Joey and Stephanie, while John heads to San Francisco to visit his son, Paul.

Beyond Salem Chapter 2 art

Slowly, these seemingly separate stories begin coming together in an overall plot which will strike a familiar chord with longtime fans.

As Salem’s residents prepare for a new adventure, let’s do a quick update on which couples are thriving… and which could just die on the vine!