Sami serves EJ divorce papers Days
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Sami’s world is about to get rocked.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of June 27 – July 1, Sami is back and ready to marry Lucas. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Sami returned to Salem just after Lucas recovered from a bender, leaving him worried that he may have been the one to kill Abigail to protect his secret that he kidnapped Sami. Lucas told Sami he wanted to marry her, but she reminded him that she was technically still married to EJ, who tore up the divorce papers she previously served him.

Meanwhile, EJ has been a rock for Belle, who has had a hard time dealing with the fact that Shawn knocked up Jan Spears, who gave birth to their premature son. And EJ’s support of Belle has led him to begin to fantasize about his sister-in-law. Chloe, who also returned to town, warned Belle to be careful after seeing the chemistry between her and EJ.

Though it appears broken, the preview will play.

Next week, Sami visits EJ at the DiMera mansion to serve him with divorce papers because she and Lucas are getting married. Belle watches as Sami hands him the papers, hoping he won’t tear these up. Oh what Sami doesn’t know!

In another scene, Belle tells EJ that she knows what she wants and pulls him into a kiss. They hit the sheets and make love. Or do they? After all, this could simply be another fantasy of EJ’s!

Served with divorce papers, EJ informs Sami that her sister Belle is actually more than his attorney. This could lead to a feud that puts the Sami-Carrie one to shame!

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