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No love is ever truly certain in this town.

If it seems like no couples are ever safe on Days of Our Lives, that’s probably because they aren’t! Well, mostly. There do seem to be the occasional exceptions like Doug and Julie or John and Marlena. But for every long-lasting, (relatively) stable love, we’ve got the likes of Sami and Lucas or Nicole and Rafe. They’re folks who are together right now… but we can already see disaster barreling their way at light speed.

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So, we figured it might be a good idea to help you keep track of who’s with whom by putting together the most complete rundown of Salem romances that we could. And really, what better time than now? The devil’s finally gone, but he tore through Salem’s couples, wreaking havoc among fresh faces and (formerly) stable folks alike.

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Johnny and Chanel, Allie and Tripp, Belle and Shawn — they all fell victim to demonic machinations. Some, like Abe and Paulina or Ben and Ciara seem to have recovered or weathered the troubles, but if there’s one thing we know about Salem, it’s that there’s always something lurking around the corner.

We’ve got the tragic updates on couples like Abigail and Chad (as if you didn’t already know what’s befallen them), and even dive into the delusional train wrecks like Jan and Shawn. (She wishes! At least, we hope it doesn’t go any farther than her wishes.)

Jan and Shawn kiss on Days of Our Lives

Right. In her dreams…

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Whether they’re a couple of the recent past, the unsteady present or the hopeful future, we’ve got them in our photo album. And hopefully, if we can identify their problem areas, our favorite couples might just find a way to avoid them!

Or, in Nancy’s case, since Clyde is the problem area, maybe she can just find a way to avoid him…

In any case, just click the photo gallery below to get the A to Z rundown of all of Days of Our Lives’ couples.