Daniel and Chloe welcome in the New Year (Soaps.com)

Matt’s Musings.

Thoughts on the week of December 28-January 1.

A New Year is set to arrive in Salem and this gave its citizens plenty of time to churn out the nostalgia. Rafe and Sami recalled their safe house romps of near perpetual bickering; Daniel remembered carting Chloe around after she stubbed her big toe; and Maggie remembered getting some dancing shoes. The memories were less bright for everyone else though. Mel remembered that she and Steph used to hate each other but now they are frenemies and Carly remembered being buried alive. Viv remembered that too, but it was a heart warming memory for her. Everyone looked forward to next year being better and happier, but if New Year’s Eve is any indication, they might want to keep looking back.

Oh Philly… how many times have we seen you stride to the aisle with your dimples shining? Well not that many I guess, since he rarely makes it all the way. Vivian and Kate had taken it upon themselves to try and plan mutually exclusive, and rather extravagant weddings, for the smirking groom and burbling bride. Fearing that they would be whisked off to Melaswen and forced to ride elephants to a church made of banana and gold leaf before being married by a celebrity televangelist as Celine Dion sang them down the aisle, Philip decided to skip the mess and just elope to Vegas. He even took off his usual suit and tie to prove he was being serious. At first, Melanie reacted to everything like she had acid soaked marbles in her mouth, but she kept insisting to everyone that she was happy as a Salem clam to be headed for wedded bliss. Steph was super skeptical and really stuck the knife in about Nathan. Mel didn’t like it and got that ‘I will sleep with your boyfriend on the night before my wedding’ look in her eyes. That might be hard though since Nathan, buoyed by a pep talk from Dr. Dan, plodded off to stop Philip from eloping. They had fisticuffs in the street until a cop dragged them off and dropped them in a cell.

The memories. The flashbacks kept coming as Salem’s square of romantic repeats continued on its path to the inevitable. Carly has admitted that she has feelings for Bo the only way that women in Salem know how, in tears. He was a bit less forthcoming, but he promised to protect her and gave her a kiss. Unfortunately for Bo, Hope just happened to be standing at the window when this transpired. She’d been inspired to run back into his arms after her brain gave her a figure skating themed flashback of their romantic past. She confronted him and then turned to Justin to ask him to write up the separation papers. He refused and admitted that he has feelings for her. They avoided the discomfort which this admission created and decided to search through Viv‘s things to figure out what she’s planning to do to Carly. Hope was conflicted because part of her wishes the worst, while Justin just seems happy to have something to do. Poor Justin. He never gets any flashbacks. He was on the show for four years, did they lose all the tapes or something? As they searched Viv’s room, she returned with Victor and caught them. To confuse the situation, Hope planted a kiss on Justin to throw them off.