alison sweeney and deidre hall on set at DAYS
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Good things come for those who wait!

Well, what do you know? It looks like Days of Our Lives‘ Lucas was telling the truth about Sami this time after all! At least, we assume so, seeing as how she’s finally back in Salem as of today! (To be fair, she was originally due back a few days ago before all the preemptions.)

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In any case, it’s something of a relief to see her as it’s been almost half a year since she left town with Lucas, only to stay behind after allegedly injuring herself while skiing as he returned to Salem.

Well, we imagine we’ll hear the tale soon enough now that Alison Sweeney’s back — and we’re sure she hasn’t missed a beat since she’s been away! Granted, she might have missed a bow or two… but luckily, she had her TV mom on hand to help her out with that!

Just a day before her return, Sweeney took to Instagram to give fans a taste of just how close she and Marlena’s portrayer really are.

“Thanks, Deidre Hall, for helping me ready for my return to Salem,” she wrote. “Love how we all help each other out on set. This is a behind the scenes moment when the pretty bows on the sleeves of my dress kept coming undone. Dee came to my rescue.”

Aw, thanks, mom! If that’s not a real mother/daughter relationship, we don’t know what is.

Of course, wardrobe malfunction or not, the women of Days of Our Lives were still looking incredible — as Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa) was sure to point out!

“Seriously,” she replied, “you ladies get prettier every day! Love you both.”

OK, now all of that is well and good, but we couldn’t help but notice that one hashtag, “Hurricane Sami.” Is that a preview of things to come now that she’s blown back into town? As far as Lucas is concerned, we have a feeling it might be!

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