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With the walls closing in, there may only be one option left.

Things are looking pretty dire for Days of Our Lives’ Lucas. Falling off the wagon is bad enough, but it doesn’t get much worse than when neither you nor your mom is sure whether or not you’re capable murdering your own niece! That’s something that only happens in Salem… hopefully.

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Bryan Dattilo spoke with Soap Opera Digest in their most recent issue to talk a bit about his character and just how bad things are going to get for him! Right now, Lucas doesn’t really know what happened or what he did. And that’s, understandably, eating away at him.

“Lucas is trying to put the pieces together,” he told the magazine. “He’s looking for clues to fill his memory in, get himself off the hook for murder, and get closer to the truth.”

That’s all well and good, but we imagine he could use a little space while he tries to figure things out without tipping anyone off (besides Kate, who already knows all his dirty secrets) about how just how wrong things may be. Unfortunately, space is not what he’s going to get because as of today, Sami’s back in town! (Huh, we guess he wasn’t keeping her locked up again after all.)

And to complicate things further, Lucas seems intent on the two of them remarrying! Eek. Bad idea, worse timing.

In Brady's Pub, a grimmacing Lucas looks across the table to a concenred Kate

“Look, Lucas, I understand kidnapping Sami. Who hasn’t tried to kill her a time or two? But murdering Abigail? I raised you better than that.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Lucas, after all, is clearly nearing his breaking point. Ordinarily, Sami’s love might be a calming force for him, but right now, there’s a good chance it’s more of a stake being driven into his heart. He’s drinking again and he’s gone down such a dark path, he doesn’t even know if he’s a thief and a murderer.

“He’s a wreck and overwhelmed with emotion, because he loves Abigail,” Dattilo told Digest. “To think he may have been responsible for her death is horrifying. It really sends him over the edge.”

Sami back in front of him talking of marriage has got to be painful, and it seems doubtful that she wouldn’t notice that something’s off with her beloved Lucas. Once she does, his options are limited. He could claim that he’s just distraught over his niece’s death, but Sami’s no dummy. If he’s truly spiraling out of control, she’s going to keep pushing for the truth.

What’s worse, she may even be kind and understanding as she does try to coax the truth out of him, completely unaware of just how many secrets Lucas is holding. And that could just make his guilt worse until he cracks and spills it all. Her kidnapping, his drinking, his blackout, Abigail’s death — all of it.

“[He’s dealing with] the guilt of falling off the wagon and also,” Dattilo explained, “how far did he go?”

Kate suggested that he come clean to Sami not that long ago and at the time Lucas balked, but guilt weighs heavy upon the soul, and it doesn’t take long to break under its load.

From behind, Lucas covers Sami's mouth with a cloth on Days of Our Lives

We can’t imagine the conversation explaining this will go well.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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If Abigail’s murderer isn’t found soon enough, confession and absolution may be the only way out that Lucas sees. Sami’s reaction, though, probably won’t be what he hopes for — though probably what he knows he deserves! Then again, desperation will drive us to crazy things like kidnapping, murder, trusting Sami to react calmly…

Yeah, we don’t see that happening, either.

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