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Sometimes, when we should be healing and moving on, things only seem to get worse. 

There are few matters in life as stressful as health issues — especially when it comes to emergencies. That’s something everyone has in common, whether they’re famous or not. It’s certainly something Days of Our Lives‘ Galen Gering (Rafe) understands, as his son had to undergo emergency surgery just last week.

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But something we may not think about as much is that even actors and celebrities have to deal with the stress that comes after the emergencies when it comes to hospital bills and navigating the often frighteningly complicated insurance realm. Sadly, that too is something Gering knows, as the already overwhelmed dad had to deal with the reality of his son’s procedure being denied coverage.

The actor, though, was not having it. He took to Twitter to address his insurance company directly, writing that, “my son had an emergency appendectomy last week and you’ve just sent me a letter denying coverage. What is wrong with you people?! Like the surgery wasn’t stressful enough on our family now I have to fight you guys? This is pathetic. Get it together.”

Honestly, it’s something we’ve probably all wanted to say at one point or another.

Gering’s fans turned out in a massive show of support, offering best wishes for his son, and commiserating on their own insurance woes over the years. A number of folks, understanding all too well the frustration, offered advice, both from within the insurance industry and without.

As the World Turns‘ Colleen Zenk (Barbara) even weighed in with some sage advice, tweeting, “Galen, you don’t know me but, as a fellow SAG/AFTRA member for (50) years… Call the L.A. office ASAP. I hope your son recovers soon and that our Union can resolve this egregious error.”

The insurance company did actually respond on Twitter, saying they’d like to help, and that Gering should e-mail them with his the claim’s details. On top of that, when a fan responded with their own insurance woes, the company responded to them, as well, offering to help resolve the issue.

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Though there’s no word on whether it’s been fixed, and the surgery is being covered, hopefully it’s just, as a number of viewers suggested, an error that can be easily resolved without piling even more stress upon Gering and his family.

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