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As we say goodbye, we’re still trying to figure out what happened here.

While perhaps the most talked-about Days of Our Lives news lately has revolved around Abigail’s tragic demise and Marci Miller’s exit, there was another bit of casting news last week that, rather than leave us devastated, left us scratching our heads. Lucas Adams is, once more, exiting as Tripp.

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In fact, it looks like he’s saying farewell to his parents today, just weeks after literally being brought back from the dead. What?

Tripp’s gone again, less than two years after his last return, which makes us wonder if we’re starting to see a pattern. The show brings him on, runs out of ideas, then sends him packing again. And if that’s the case, then why keep him alive? Killing off a legacy character is never something to be done lightly — but that’s exactly what makes it so much more impactful.

Just look at the heartbreaking acting we’ve been getting with Abigail’s death.

If Tripp was just going to be written off, why did the show bother keeping him alive? He could have gone out a hero, saving his beloved Allie and really, the world, from Satan. That would have given us the stakes we so craved in the devil saga and set up so much story down the line.


This is one feud we wouldn’t have minded seeing kicked up again.

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Allie heartbroken over his sacrifice would have added another wrinkle in her triangle with Chanel and Johnny. Maybe Chanel could have decided she loved Allie more than Johnny, only to find her love was overcome with guilt over Tripp’s sacrifice and couldn’t move on with her… yet. Chanel would go running back to Johnny, creating even further complications down the line when Allie finally managed to overcome her grief and was ready to move on.

And then there’s Ava. With Tripp returned to life, she took the high road and apologized to Kayla for her unfair outburst. But if Tripp had died, that outburst could have turned into seething resentment and a grudge pitting her against the doc. Ava versus Gabi is great and all, but it feels, in some ways, juvenile, as they fight over Jake. But Ava versus Kayla? That would have played on their volatile history as Ava went after her former nemesis, while desperately trying (and failing) to convince Steve to join her in getting vengeance for their son.

But OK, fine, Days of Our Lives decided to keep Tripp alive with a last-minute miracle. Maybe with Abigail on the way out, they didn’t want to overwhelm folks with two legacy deaths (but imagine if the families were hit with this double tragedy). Why get rid of him, then?

Chanel just told Johnny and Allie that she chose herself and they needed to stop fighting over her. And Tripp just let go of Allie… which means he and Chanel could have found their way into bed together after that tease we got of their drunken almost-fling.

At a table in The Bistro, Tripp and Chanel lean in close to each other. Days of Our Lives

The sparks here could have ignited into a four-alarm fire consuming not just Chanel and Tripp, but Allie and Johnny as well.

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That would have enraged both the twins and could have led to an all-out brawl. They could have at least gotten some juicy love-quadrangle story out of that before sending Tripp away. Or maybe Tripp could have been left out in the cold and turned angry and resentful. It’s not a stretch. He did once try to kill Kayla, after all. And that oh-so-brief glimpse of evil Tripp when he was possessed reminded us of those darker days.

There was just so much story left to be gotten out of Tripp in virtually every direction except the one they went with. So, excuse us as we scratch our heads while saying goodbye.

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Here’s hoping that the next time we do see him (outside of his Beyond Salem appearances this summer, that is), the show finally figures out what to do with a character with so much untapped potential.

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