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Jack and Jen are back, but not for a happy occasion.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of June 13 – 17, yeah, Abigail’s loved ones are put to the test. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Last week, Lucas returned to town and felt the heat from EJ, who accused him of being the one who kidnapped Sami. His troubles compounded when Kate informed him that Chad was forced to tell Abigail he was the one who kidnapped Sami because she wanted to make Sami’s kidnapping the focus of her next investigative piece. However, Kate said Chad swore Abigail to secrecy.

Meanwhile, Leo had snuck into the DiMera mansion and hid in the wine cellar determined to get revenge on Abigail. In prison, after Abigail refused to deliver a mug Gwen made to Jack for his birthday, instead smashing it on the ground, Gwen was determined to make Abigail pay. She called up Leo and ordered him to make sure Abigail didn’t make it to Boston to be with Jack on his birthday.

As Chad discovered Abigail’s body on their bed and covered in bed, a slew of suspects emerged. Leo was seen running through Salem park, Gwen missed bed check in prison, and Lucas woke up after a bender.

In the preview of what’s to come, scenes are superimposed over Abigail’s body on the bed. As the preview plays out, Abigail’s body fades away, leaving an empty bed.

Chad’s voice is heard pleading with Abby not to die on him, but his words appear to be of no use. Jack and Jennifer return, and Jen breaks down, as Abby is heard saying, “Take care of the kids.” In the morgue, Chad places his face next to Abby’s and cries, “I’ll love you forever.”

Who do you think killed Abby? Or do you think she’s not really dead and her death will be faked to flush out her “killer?” Let us know in the comments below.

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