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Trouble in paradise or just a new kind of paradise?

Lately, there’s been no shortage of casting news lately when it comes to Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. It may have started with Bo and Hope’s return, but since then we’ve learned there’s a slew of folks dropping in or coming back ― not the least of which is John’s son, Paul! When last we saw him, he was leaving Salem for San Francisco to try to recover from both his paralysis and a broken heart, courtesy of Will!

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It’s been a few years, so we can’t help wondering if, by the time John and Marlena pay him a visit, he’s succeeded in healing his heart and his body. We’re hoping for both, because right now feels like just about the perfect time for him to not just return to the show but move back to Salem!

First, as we mentioned, there’s the summer’s murder mystery that headwriter Ron Carlivati promised heading our way. Salem, it seems, could use an extra private eye or two, and seeing Paul and John working together again would be sheer perfection. Well, so long as Paul doesn’t end up taking bullet number three while doing teaming up with his dad…

But more than that, it would be a shame not to reconnect with an old flame while he’s in town… and we don’t mean Will! After all, Will’s still in Arizona and chances are that won’t change anytime soon. At most, he’ll just be stopping in from time to time to check on Sonny. And that seems like a recipe for disaster to us.

Honestly, it was pretty surprising to see Will so readily encourage his husband to move back to Salem and take over the top spot at Titan, but it was a nice bit of spousal support. On top of that, it’s been heartening to see him come back as his husband deals with Leo’s attacks. But with the two living across the country from each other, realistically, how long can all this supportive goodwill last?

Sonny just opened up to Will about how he’s essentially been traumatized by Leo and Will’s response was pretty much, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I understand… Well, time to get back to Arizona!”

Loving and understanding are great and all, but they work better when you’re actually by your husband’s side!

Plus, there’s Sonny’s obsession, as Zach Tinker put it, with taking Leo down. Again, so far Will’s been supportive, but if Sonny remains too fixated on going after his nemesis, it could be at the cost of his own relationships. If Leo, as we suspect, ends up rolled up in a carpet once more, Sonny’s likely to be suspect number one. Will’s support might very well be stretched thing as he questions if his husband just couldn’t leave well enough alone and pushed things too far!

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If Paul’s not just a little ticked with what happened with Will, he’s a better person than most of us!

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Enter Paul. We already know how supportive he can be for Sonny in Will’s absence. And that they’ve got plenty of chemistry, seeing as how they’ve made a go at it twice and nearly walked down the aisle! As Sonny struggles with pressures of running a mega company and dealing with Leo, there are worse shoulders to lean on than Paul’s.

Of course, when last we saw him, he was head over heels for Will… only to be dumped after being paralyzed saving Will’s mom from Kristen! Now that’s harsh. Paul’s always been a good guy, but c’mon, there’s got to be a part of him that resents all of that and would ever-so-slightly enjoy rekindling things with Sonny at Will’s expense.

In fact, he could probably do a little bonding with Belle while he’s in town as she sticks it to Sami by hooking up with EJ and he does the same to Will. The synergy is kind of perfect!

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Either way, it seems a shame for Days of Our Lives to just drop Paul after Beyond Salem with so much story potential waiting for him back in Salem. What do you think? Is it time for John’s son to finally come home?

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