Chanel must choose Johnny Allie Days
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Lucas is back and throwing punches at EJ.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of June 6 – 10, yeah, Jan’s in labor and Sonny’s getting up in Leo’s face. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

The time has come for Chanel to make her choice. Tripp and Allie ended things because while she loved Tripp, he was the safe choice and she was in love with Chanel. Unfortunately free from the devil, Johnny also wants Chanel back as his wife. The twins ask Chanel which one she wants to be with, and we’re not even sure Chanel knows the aswer to that question.

Chad and Abigail hit the sheets, while Shawn holds Jan’s had in the hospital as she appears to be in labor. That should be enough to fully drive Belle into EJ’s arms.

After being drugged by Leo, Sonny was stunned by Will’s homecoming which coincided with an exclusive Leo wrote in the tabloids about his affair with Sonny Kiriakis, complete with photos of him and a drugged-out Sonny in intimate positions. Obviously this is all part of Leo’s revenge, which is just getting kicked into high gear.

Well straight out of the headlines, Sonny gets in Leo’s face. Leo must have brought up Ariana, because Sonny gives an Oscar-worthy performance and tells him to, “Keep my daughter’s name out of your filthy mouth!” Yeah, too soon!

Meanwhile, Sonny isn’t the only one getting violent. Lucas is back in town, and in front of Allie and Will, slugs EJ! It feels like old times.

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