Sounds gossipy, and maybe even a little silly but this is no laughing matter!
Loyal DOOL and John and Marlena (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall) fans campaigned to get the duo back on canvas, and give their boudoir a new look by sending in a new set of linens to the studio. Problem is, Days set design department used the set of linens to make up the bed used in a scene for long lost lovers, Kayla and Steve!

The fans who sent the sheets in were insulted and let the show know! Production Designer, Dan Olexiewicz admits, “When items are particularly attractive, we like to find other ways to incorporate them. Certainly, no disrespect was meant. The comforter being used again is actually a compliment to the buyers on selecting such a visually enhancing item!” Let’s hope that the fans who sent in the lovely item feel better about their purchase!