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Could Bo somehow return for good?

Believe it or not, though it seems like we’ve been waiting for ages to see Bo and Hope reunite in Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, it’s actually only been a couple short months if that! We got our tease of Bo when he showed up as a ghost to help thwart Satan’s plans, but we’re still a little over a month away until the Peacock spinoff brings him back for more.

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Just how much more we’ll be seeing Bo, though, is something we aren’t quite clear on. We’ll be getting a “Bope” reunion of some kind, but that doesn’t mean Peter Reckell’s back for good — at least not just yet!

The problem is that Bo’s not just dead… he’s really dead. Having a character appear as a ghost only to bring them back after is not something soaps have ever shied away from, but bringing him back as Days of Our Lives did to end the Satan saga really seems to have put the show in a bind as to his future.

Bo didn’t just pop up to offer advice in what may or may not have been a dream to a loved one. He appeared to multiple people, helped fight off the devil, and even brought Tripp back to life. That’s not to say it’s impossible to bring him back nothing is impossible in the world of daytime but that would take some fancy footwork.

Was it some higher power masquerading as Bo? Or would they just ignore the devil storyline and say, “Surprise! He’s been alive all this time?” Who knows?

Granted, we still have to see how he ties into Beyond Salem. Maybe the Peacock spinoff will already start laying the groundwork to bring him back for good. That, though, may not be the ideal scenario for Reckell, as the Alaska resident told Soap Opera Digest in their most recent issue, saying that he’s “just going to take it one day at a time.”

At the hospital, Bo walks through a door, awash in bright light. He smiles at Ciara.

Bo can walk through that door into our lives any time he wants.

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“I’m open to whatever,” he admitted when asked about Bo’s future, “especially the Peacock show; that’s like a perfect scenario, ‘cause I can come down and do a few shows and then come back home. We’ll see what happens.”

From the sounds of it, while there aren’t necessarily plans right now, the sky’s the limit – so long as the fans weigh in and demand more!

“NBC and Peacock want to see what the reaction is,” Reckell explained to Digest, “see if it’s worth it to them. They’ve got to gauge how important Bo and Hope are to the show, so I think there’s a lot of stuff still up in the air for the people who write the shows, etc.”

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It’s a bit pragmatic, but we get it. Shows these days sadly have to weigh costs more than we’d like, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s off the table. If anything, it sounds like the viewers have more say and maybe, just maybe, if they demand it enough, the show will deliver!

What do you think? Could Days of Our Lives bring Bo back for good? And should they?

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